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MTB Slang

Kindof like a glossory
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Bunnyhop: a controlled movement to lift your bike off the ground, and go over obstacles.

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Braking Bumps

Braking Bumps: Sections of trail where people brake hard or skid, causing ditches and bumps form. These are called braking bumps.

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Abubaca (or Blunt)

Abubaca (or Blunt): can be done on a ramp or a low wall etc. Ride at obstacle, hop and land on the rear wheel, stall and hop backwards landing fakie.

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Granny Gear

Granny Gear: The lowest gear possible on a bike. Typically the smallest front chainring is the "granny ring".

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Bling: This word is used to describe something on the bike, or riders gear (generally shiny, expensive, boutique) that ads want factor/prestige. An example - anything Chris King.

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Bark: Skin. Usually commonly heard after crashing. "Bah, just lost a bit of bark"

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Bail: To ditch or release your bike whist in the midst of jumping, hucking or crashing.

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