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MTB Slang

Kindof like a glossory
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Snake Bite/Pinch Flat

Snake Bite/Pinch Flat: A tire flat that is caused when the tube is pinched against the rim internally. This usually results in two punctures (one from each side of the rim) and hence 'snake bite'.

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Dab: To put your foot down while riding so you don't fall over.

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North Shore

North Shore: This originally came from Canada's North shore, hence the name, where wooden ramps were used to ride over areas of environmental sensitivity. Now "North Shore" is used to describe a trail, which has man-made obstacles such as ladders, bridges, ramps, seesaws, etc.

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Dualie: A bike that has both front and rear suspension.

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Hardtail: A mountain bike that has no rear suspension.

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Cutty: An intentional drift without the use of brakes, done by leaning the bike over in a corner until the rear wheel looses traction and slides (think oversteer). Not typically done to go faster or improve run times, its more a display of bike skill.

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Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter: What happens if you crash and don't have butt plugs (on the bars OK?) the bars generally twist around impact on your stomach and punch a hole in you like a cookie cutter, nice. Also known as a core sample.

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Chain Suck

Chain Suck: when the chain gets jammed between either the chainrings or between the crank and frame. This also causes scratches and chips. Most commonly caused by a poorly maintained and completely worn out chain, which is no longer interlocking properly with the chainring teeth.

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Case, Casing, to Case

Case, Casing, to Case: To attempt a jump but land short of the downramp. On double jumps if you land a wheel either side of to lip of the down ramp it is called a 50/50 case or crank case.

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Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs: The plugs at each end of your bars covering the end of the handlebars.

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