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Tcivnoc 68 (or convict backwards)

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This is my second convic, this time in reverse!!!t and what a beautiful day to ride. My mate Daniel and I arrived on a cold misty morning in St. Albans in time to see the 100km riders start. We then got ourselves changed and started to get prepared to take on the 68km race.

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Painting a target on your back.

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I love my weekend rides on the local singletrack loop. For me, it’s Old Man’s Valley in Hornsby. I usually combine it with some fire trail/ road segments and hill climbs to get in a solid 3 hour ride early in the day, then spend the rest of the day with my family. I love that feeling of fatigue in my legs all day, as a reminder I “got it done” early.

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Came out on top this time

Managed to come out on top in my age category in the 4hr solo race. Yay!

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3 Ring Circus 2015

Overall a great event so sorry to see it going. Well signposted, organised and beautiful trails. New single track was great. Had a mechanical - broke chain and rear bro in law gave me his bike to finish the event on and limped home on my bike.He had brought a spare bike which he then rode. Incredible sacrifice and a great example of unselfishness! No cramping which was great, no stacking and yes.....serious wind like I haven't experienced before.

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Fifty Kilometres is Enough!

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I'd heard good reports about the 3 Ring Circus from trusted Nobmobbers, and enjoyed the variety of great singletrack at Wingello State Forest. That and the inclusion of some fairly hefty climbs (experienced at Highland Flings) made the whole concept of the race seem like a good one for me. There was one catch though. Being accustomed to having essentially all my races the marathon distance, I wasn't sure how I'd go seeing as I'd be up against some 50km 'specialists.'

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Second circus

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My second 3 ring and unfortunately will also be my last as they are not putting on the event next year, this seems to be a common thread to my race blogs given my last race was capital punishment!!!!

It was another sunny day in wingello although was definitely colder and windier than last year, it also seemed like a lot less people had entered this year. I was lined up at the start with my mate Daniel who missed the race last year and a guy in a school dress (you get all types at 3 ring), I also knew that I was not as well prepared this year so was expecting a slower time than last year.

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3 Ring 2015: 10 Lessons Learnt

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So - a very different experience for me - today I rode with my wife and her best mate, in their 'dare' to ride the 3 Ring.

Wifeys friend is pretty well known cycling journo and previous World Champ on the track, so she has seen some races in her life. My wife has been to so many supporting me, that she also knows how it all works. The first thing I noticed about them both - was how nervous they were.

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JB 12hr 2015

Quick point form review;
- Different track to last year with the removal of all but the start fireroad and primarily single track.
- Passing through the single track was fairly tough but after the rain the previous night, the track was quite grippy.
- The nature of the track suited a more skilled rider, rather than a powerhouse.
- The last run into transition was super fun.
- I didn't stack it this year.
- Hooked up with 3 blokes I'd never raced with before.
- We came 3rd in cat and overall.
- I got soaked in my swag from the rain that started after the race.
- Good times.

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SXC Euro Adventure

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After a relatively quiet start to 2015, I find myself heading to Europe to compete in Bike Transalp ( Transalp is the Euro version of the Cape Epic, with riders challenged with 7 days MTB's across the European alps.Starting in Ruhpolding, Germany, through Austria, the Dolomites and finishing in the beautiful Riva del Garda.

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