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Anybody do the Fling this year? It's not even in the Calendar. I was hoping to read a few Fling exploits to ease the pain of missing it this year...

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Weather page

Not sure how many people use the weather page on NobMob but it's no longer working. I really found it useful, any chance it can be fixed/turned back on? Only if it's not too much trouble...

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Shimano equivalents

Can anyone help me figure out a shimano (or quality non-SRAM) version of their X1 11 speed chain and sram 10-42t 11 speed xd cassette? Chain reacton and wiggle don't seem to stock sram anymore and I can't find these parts.

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So the Duke has a Guardian

Has anyone noticed they are being swooped while riding up Daisy Duke? It's not obvious, like when you're being attacked by a Magpie. This bird is a silent assassin; all you hear is this rush of air as it hurtles past you, disappearing into the trees.

Previously I've only ever caught sight of a brown/grey flash, right after it flew by. Today when it attacked, I ducked, went OTB, but then managed to catch sight of it sitting in a nearby tree, looking proud of what it had just achieved.

Seems to be some sort of small raptor like a kite, hawk, falcon, etc.

Anyone else seen this bird?

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The Pioneer Athlete Info Evening: Sydney 15/16 November

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Wondering what this Pioneer( stage race event is all about, or want to convince a mate to enter? Come along to one of our Athlete Information Evenings in Sydney or Melbourne and ask all your burning questions.

Race Director Bec Williams and some of our 2016 athletes will be there to offer advice and answer questions. We’ll cover bike gearing, training tips, and provide a rundown of the overall experience. Basically we’ll get you fired up to want to be part of this in epic event!

Light refreshments served.

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Found front wheel Manly Dam

I found a front wheel today the 8th of Nov at manly dam at the hydraulic station resting up against the wall.
If you lost it contact me at [email protected] or 0423857733

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Bike Racks

For school i am looking at making a bike rack which fully incloses your bike on the back of the car to minimise the bike from being damaged or stolen. I was wondering if you could please fill out this survey for my research.

It will take no more than 3 mins.

Thanks in advance

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the need for a Peak trail building body and National standards survey

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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MTBA have releeased 3 options papers on the development and implementation of a National standard for Trail building, Trail builders accreditation and the formation of a peak body . The discussion papers and a survey can be found here

My personal opinion is it's bureaucracy for bureaucracy sake and that in such a large and diverse country the 1 standard fit all approach is unworkable.

It's also a lot of money to develop a Standard when we already have the IMBA guidelines.

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Multi tool found

Picked up a multi tool this morning - PM with a description if you have lost one somewhere close to the dam.

[Mod. moved to Lost & Found]

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Manly Dam Upgrades!

Nah just kidding...

They're probably going to turn it into concrete footpath.

Footpath opposite North Balgowlah PS is all barricaded off.

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2016 Twilight round 8

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

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OMV Requires Support

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It appears the development of Hornsby Quarry and Old Man's Valley into a recreational facility may jeopardise trail network we have ALL worked so hard for.

Please share the following video, and encourage all in support of mountain bike riding to make comment in the video comments section.

Consultation Forums are about to start in regards to the development of the recreational space within these land parcels. Traditional sports are reported to be lobbying council heavily to take away mountain bike facilities in the interests of their own sports.

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Tapered steerer tube's

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm in the market to buy some new/secondhand forks after mine came up worse for wear after last week's off.

Bike involved is a 2014 Scott Scale

I've confused myself so my question is..Are 1.5” tapered the same as 1.25"-1.5" tapered steerer tubes or as I suspect are they different.


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Bike going into storage

So I'm planning on putting my duel suspension bike into storage for a year. Is there anything I should be doing to it. I'm thinking I should take the tyres off the rims and getting it serviced. Is there anything else I should do like letting some air out of the shocks?

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Chris King Bottom Bracket regrease Tool

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Wondering if anyone out there
has A Chris King Bottom Bracket
that has never been regreased
looking for someone to let me trail run my new tool
get my techniques down
grease and tool happily supplied.
mines too new to use it on.

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PSA: Fox Float X2 recall

Fox is issuing a voluntary recall of 2016 and some 2017 Float X2 shocks.

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Anyone selling a Fox 36 Green spring for Van R forks.

I am after a Fox 36 green spring for my Van R.
I have gained weight and need the next level spring until I lose weight but they seem to be pretty sparse online and no local shops can get them. Does anyone have one that they no longer need?


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Scott 24 - End of an era

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Went down to CBR and did the Scott 24 - just socially. The numbers were down.

My first ever race was Scott 24hr back in 2007 and the size of the event back then was massive. This year it was tiny with most riders appeared to be doing 6 + 6 because the night laps were very lonely.

From 2007 onwards we did Scott 24 every year for a while but have not done it in two or three years so it was quite unexpected to find it so small.

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Magpies and Cable Ties

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I'm calling it, Canberra is the Magpie Swooping Capital of Australia. I was so traumatised after my morning ride on Wednesday I had to have the day off riding yesterday, so I needed a plan to fix this problem.

I had to shelve Plan A, apparently it's not kosher to indiscriminately poison and shoot magpies in the ACT. bummer. Plan B, only ride at night, wasn't really an option either (did you read about the woman who was recently attacked by a Wombat down here?), so Plan C, Cable Ties, was put into action this morning.

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Cycle super highways

That's what they call it:

What an awesome initiative!

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Stolen Bikes Website

Hi All,

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but this may help you find your stolen steed:


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Lost Garmin Oregen GPS

Hi, I was referrred here by someone in my walking group as you may have some knowledge of the area.
I was hiking around Garigal national park yesterday up around the Belrose supercentre down to forestville and my gps fell off my backpack somewhere near the start of the walk.
It must be somewhere along five mile creek or along the fire trail where it turns onto the tarmac bit.
If anyone finds it could they please reply to me here and there is a 6-pack in it for the finder.
Thank you.

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