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Oaks dingo?

Rode the Oaks about 7 this morning
Saw what looked like a dingo at the gate
Anyone seen same at BMNP?

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Cape Epic 2017 - Nobmobbers...

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Hi all.
Whilst we all have various ways of keeping in touch and communicating these days, this site stills holds great community value and it is (even those on the other 'sister' sites) a relatively small group of web-based friends.

This year, there are a few Nobmobbers (and maybe some others I don't know about) heading over to Cape Town to race the Cape Epic.
Wayne (Dicko on here) Dickinson is teaming up with Mike(Blades) Faretta under the SXC / EXC banner. THey have been training the house down so will go well I am sure.

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The Oaks Single Track Status?

Does anyone know what the current status is with the Oaks Single track? I recall part of it being closed due to asbestos a while back?

How is the trail running from top to bottom at the moment?


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Great guide to buying a mountain bike

This is the best guide I have seen about choosing which bike is right for you

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Rockshox Reba Pushloc to Crown Manual lockout

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Hi, I currently have a Handlebar Pushloc fitted to my 2012 Rockshox Reba Forks of course it doesnt work so I want to fit a Manual lockout to the top of my fork so my question is do I need to buy

1. a new Damper "and" the Manual lockout kit ( blue knob) or

2. just the Blue Knob Manual Lockout Kit

the reason I'm asking I've read, its just a matter of removing the damper from within the fork, unclipping the spring from inside and then screwing back together and then fitting the mew " Manual Blue knob kit" to the top and voila its a manual lockout ?

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FOUND: Cycling GPS in the Watagans.


Cycling GPS. Found in the Watagans. Let me know the brand/model/colour + the approx location of where you think you lost it, and I'll return it. Smiling

Contact me via Rotorburn if possible, I don't check NobMob very often. The same post is listed there.


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The Mont Needs You

Apparently the event is still short of entrants. Get three mates and join up today.

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Hidden Camera/Counters on Long Track

I went out for a quick bash along Perim and Long from the School on Saturday before it go too hot and noticed 2 camera/counter thingys have been installed - one on your left as you head out, just past Lookout Rock and before you make the rocky right hand turn before the pinch climb and there was one on your left of the track coming back some where closer to the start of the track - cant remember exactly where to be honest.

Has anyone else seen them and does anyone know what they are there for? I have seen NPWS use the same things on Serrata and Gahnia.

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Individual XT sprockets

Any idea where I might source individual XT sprockets if possible? Have worn one down from riding on the road too much (first mistake) and the rest of the cassette is fine.

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Bike travel box

Hi all. Does anyone have a recommendation for rental/purchase of a bike box/case? Preferably northern beaches or not too distant, I need one for a four day trip. Sorry, I know this has been covered before but I couldn't find anything. Cheers

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Lost sunnies at manly dam/possum trail

Hi guys. Lost a pair of sunnies at the dam or possum track yesterday (11/02) morning . Value probably not a lot. I love them just because they were a present from gf. If anyone find them please let me know. Cheers!

Ps there's another tread about found sunnies but I lost them the week after.

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Gotta get down to Bright

Not sure if you guys have seen the write up on Bright.

If anyone is interested in accommodation for a boys or family trip (lots to do for the wives and kids) give me a shout.

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NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all
After a lengthy hiatus from fitness and exercising, I have decided to get my unfit self back on the bike. I used to ride everyday but on a flat bar Merida road bike. I have decided to step into the world of MTB.
As a first purchase I'd like to get something that I can use to get to work (approx. 9km ride) but still be able to get out on the dirt on weekends. After some initial research, I'm guessing a 29er would be the way to roll?
Some background info. I'm 6'3, and 100kg plus.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. No matter how small or seemingly irrelevant Smiling

Cheers Smiling

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Found sunnies Manly Dam

Found some sunnies Sat arvo, Feb 4, at the Dam down near the Hydro lab. If you lost some just let know brand and colour and they can get back to their rightful owner!

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Ginga Ninja Cancelled

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Have to admit, the cancellation of the Ginga Ninja would have to be the most pathetic I have encountered in 17 years of racing MTB.
36 degrees!!!
Too Hot!!!!
There would not be a race of any type, shape or form west of the dividing range and north of Sydney for the whole summer.
I think we need to take responsibility for ourselves in all our personal endeavours.
All competitors sign our life away before we race and if you don't like a little heat, then don't race.

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February '17 Trail Advocacy Round Up

2017 - Knapsack Trail Day Schedule

Just a heads up on a few trail advocacy happenings mentioned in the forum lately.

First off, our friends over at BMORC have locked in 4 maintenance days this year, starting on Feb 25 with Knapsack Build Day - XC and DH. All the dates are in the calendar. See their announcement for more details and discussion: 2017 - Knapsack Trail Day Schedule.

Then we have a couple of consultations here or coming up in the local area:

  • Eastern Blue Mountains Escarpment Master Plan survey - Thanks to BikePhysio for the heads up, and as he says, "Please take time to invest in their very short survey and propose more cycling infrastructure including the reopening of the old Glenbrook tunnel."
  • OMV public consult coming soon - Your chance to have your say on restoration of public land around the existing OMV site. Naturally, the more voices asking for extended MTB infrastructure the better. Be heard! And thanks to Hawkeye for kindly volunteering to liaise on this matter - it's a pretty dry and thankless task but someone has to do it!
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Maxxis Minion Semi Slick

Is anyone on here using the Maxxis Minion SS and if so what are your thoughts?

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Bike transport

I'm looking at changing my car and one of the considerations is transporting the bike's.
I need to take 3 sometimes 4 bikes at times, but generally its only the one or 2.
I'm looking at maybe a twincab ute and getting a tailgate pad similar to It looks simple to use, no need to disassemble bike, or wrangle with bike racks not designed for odd shaped MTB frames.
Has any one used these and would recommend for it or against it?

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the curse of .. warning (major) rant follows!

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press fit bottom brackets - aaaarrrgghhh!

I hate these changing standards, what was wrong with 26'ers anyway? My old one was light, ~10.5kg and very agile and the XTR bottom bracket in this bike was absolutely bullet proof, after almost three years of riding in frequently wet, muddy and shitty conditions it was immaculate, good as new, that was real engineering - simple, elegant & effective!

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LOST Garmin

A long shot but I dropped my Garmin 520 in a black silicone case somewhere yesterday on BMX downhill, Bunnings, Oxford Falls connecter,
that fireroad up to Mt Narra or on Mt Narra itself :/

Its got my name and number on the startup screen but if anyone finds it or sees a rock wallaby trying to beat their strava times then give me a buzz on 0423711851.


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Eastern Blue Mountains Escarpment Master Plan survey

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The BMCC has released a proposed Master plan for the eastern Blue Mountains escarpment including Knapsack Gulley and Yellomundee Regional Park as well as Yellow Rock. Please take time to invest in their very short survey and propose more cycling infrastructure including the reopening of the old Glenbrook tunnel.

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Recommend good semi slick tyres

Hi there,

Haven't used my MTB for a while now. I am looking to put some new tyres on it just to ride around bike paths, parks, on grass maybe. Anyone recommend some good semi slick or slick tyres that would be suitable. Tyre size 26". Did see these.

Any good? Maybe this up front and a slick at the back.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Best Mountain Bike