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Glenrock and spiders

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,
Just wondering what the night time spider population is like in Glenrock at the moment.
Normally I wait till the cooler months but the way the temp has been lately I think nights may be the way to go.

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West Cycle Classic: Throw some sponsorship my way for a good cause

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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This year I am participating in the 5 day West Cycling classic which raises money for the Westpack helicopter.

While I hope I never have to use the rescue chopper I'm extremely grateful this service exists and the club did, in fact call on it's services at one of the DH races at the Statemine a few years back

Anyway I'm hoping people will be willing to throw a few dollars my way to put towards the donation. If you are able to donate please visit the sponsor page at

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What's The Point Of Presta

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Seriously, why do we have to put up with presta valves on MTB rims? My new rims came with presta valves and I was reluctant to drill brand new rims out to fit schraders. So I got adapters to use the air at the servo and my home air compressor inflater. What a fricken pita!

Twelve months on and warranty cares now zero, I carefully drilled them out to fit some nice new schrader valves. Life is much happier. Using the valve caps that have the core removal tool built-in lets me add stans anytime.

Keep It Simple Stupid

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OMV public consult coming soon

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Hi All, a heads-up from Hornsby Council I received today:

"Hornsby Shire Council are getting closer to what will be a first phase of public consultation for developments that will restore the former quarry site and the adjoining Old Mans Valley site (containing existing MTB trails) in Hornsby for varied recreation pursuits and am developing a contact list of stakeholders and mailout lists to advise of the upcoming initial consultation phase.

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Plug for 'Dynaplug'

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I recently made a purchase I am so happy about I though I needed to share with NoBMoB:

Anyone who has read my blogs knows a puncture ruins my races. I’m absolutely crap at getting a tube in and getting back on the bike. My usual process is I stop and turn the bike upside down then rotate the wheel so the hole is at the bottom and hold my finger over it in the hope the sealant will block it.

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Clarification on trails west of Wakehurst

Hi forum

I'm after some clarification on whether the trail(s) that lead from the bottom of the bantry bay firetrail down to Seaforth oval are legal or not.

The signs at Seaforth oval call this the engravings trail, which I have read on this forum as being closed for a couple of years now (when Serrata/Ghania were built) - but it seems like this refers to the trail that used to start towards the top of the fire trail, by the actual engravings site.

Anyone able to confirm?


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Races and events 2017?

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We are already in 2017 and I don't have a plan!

I'm looking for some interesting events during the year, something new. Been doing MTB events since 2007 and it feels like I've starting to repeat myself so I'm looking for something new or different to look forward to and to motivate a bit of training.

What is the rest of the MTB community up to event or racing wise? any new trends or formats emerging?

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Trans NZ

Any nobmob'rs heading over the ditch for the Trans NZ?

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Trail advice please for west aussies

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi guys , going to be spending a number of days in the blue mountains area , what are the best trails in the area that offer great views and tough riding , cheers

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Visiting and looking for some good trails

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all , arriving in Sydney on 7th February and travelling to orange , up to singleton and Newcastle area
Looking for some long day rides or over nighters in these areas , experienced riders so hills and rough trails okay
Have got two weeks in the area , any suggestions would be great , cheers

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Looking for someone to ride with

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm pretty new to the area and I'd like someone to ride with. I have a downhill and x-country. I am 15. My mum rides but she can't always go with me.

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Internal Rim Widths and Tyre Size

Happy New Year to anyone who reads this:)

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on internal rim widths and tyre size selection?

I'm currently running 2.3" tyres on rims with a 29mm internal width and while I'm generally happy with the setup the tyre profile is quite square (even at low PSI) which makes the tyres feel like they don't grip up straight away when cornering, if that makes sense (could be my crappy riding skills have something to do with it as well).


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Glasses found at Mt Narra

Found a pair of glasses at Mt Narra today (24.12.16). If yours send a message with description and I'll handover to Santa or we can make alternate arrangements to return.

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Chinese carbon rims

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I'm just wondering if anyone has tried Chinese carbon rims from 3S bike?

I'm a tightarse so trying to salvage my spokes for the new wheel build. Light bicycle don't appear to have a wide rim (35-45mm internal) with a 595mm ERD, or close.

These 42mm rims suit the needs of my wide tyres and the recycled spoke requirement, but I am having no luck finding independent product reviews.

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NSW Govt drops mandatory ID requirement for cyclists

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Overnight it has been announced that the NSW government has abandoned plans to introduce a requirement for cyclists to carry ID when using their bikes in public areas. This would have also impacted mountain bikers on public trails.

Of course success has many fathers and both Cycle and BNSW are busy taking credit. It appears Cycle got the ball rolling with a petition of over 10k signatures, with BNSW closing the deal. Bicycle Network was in there making noise.

Interesting that Cycle is happy to share credit while BNSW CEO Craig Maher makes no mention.

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2016 Xmas Ride - December 11

Did this come with bike?

There's not much 'real' news about these days, as can be seen from the 2015 Xmas ride still floating around on our front page!

So am taking the chance to remind everyone that this is actually a social site for organising MTB rides in the Sydney area. Who'd have thought Eye-wink

To that end, thanks to sikllama for posting up the NoBMoB xmas ride 2016. Come along and have some fun. Bike decorations are optional Eye-wink

And another gentle reminder: post it and they will come (eventually)... create a ride meeting regularly and, yes, eventually, you'll get some company.

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Moutain bike group

I am currently looking for a group of people to train duetting the week and weekend on the north shore. Any recommendations or contacts?

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NSW records fewer cycling injuries in 2016

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Well after the controversial introduction of new cycling laws (plus the minimum passing distance), the results of their effect is up and it appears that fewer people are being injured on bikes.

One tiny issue. It's because they've driven cyclists off the roads. Thank you Cadel Evans for noting that Sydney is the worst city for the treatment of cyclists (and comments on any of these articles certainly show it if its any indication), at least it's reassuring to know it doesn't get much worse.

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Bantry Bay maintenance

Big thanks to everyone today who helped kick off the first volunteer maintenance day at Bantry Bay with NPWS!

Today was all about training volunteer team leaders so they are accredited to run maintenance on our NPWS trails.

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Lost car keys Manly Dam

Manly Dam riders, lost car key notice: If anyone finds a Mazda car key, looks like a small black box with an "M" on it, please call 0450144382 Richard, thanks

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STOLEN - Specialized Epic Expert 2012

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What a day. Help a seriously injured fellow MTB rider who had to be taken by ambulance out of Mt Narra only to then have my bike stolen from my unit balcony (4m up) at Manly whilst drying after a post ride wash. The theft happened between 2pm and 11pm. Very brazen theft considering my balcony faces a major busy road with high pedestrian activity.

The first photo is the original bike the second includes most of the upgrades minus the XTR brakes.

Details as follows

• New XTR brakes with 205/180 Shimano Ice-tech rotors

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Glenfield to Wedderburn trail proposal

Thought I'd put this here.

There is a petition opposing this proposal, so there is also the one below supporting it.

Get it out to as many friends as possible!

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Seat Fitting

So, my seat on both the MTB and roadie are causing significant numbness in the front carriage. I have written a letter to Santa's Minister and they have agreed to a new seat Eye-wink Question is, where can I go to get an assessment of the type of seat that suits my anatomical needs?

I am located on the Northern Beaches but can travel if need be.


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Ghania closed for trail maintenance Sun 20th Nov

Ghania will be closed this Sunday 20th Nov for trail maintenance.
The closure will be from 7am however will not affect other trails in the area i.e. Serratta, Daisy Duke, Mistress, Manly Dam, Pickled Possum.

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