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Found a commuter front / helmet light on muppets this morning.
Describe it and prove it’s yours and I’ll get it to you.


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Redhill mtb Park Mornington Victoria

On my recent holidays in Victoria I decided to give Redhill mtb park in the Mornington area a bash out . The guys in the area have done a beauty of a job building marking out & grading the trails . I rented a new 27.5 duelly from Melbournemtbhire & picks it up sat arvo from freewheeling cycles in rosebud . Bash out on the sunday morning fir 4 solid hrs . Locals gave e the heads up on their favourite trains . Great job

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Brian rates a mention in The Rules

I was reading browsing through The Rules and noticed this:

I thought it describes Brian perfectly. Laughing out loud

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OMV Lava Flow Reopen

Just a shout out that Old Man's Valley has FINALLY opened it's second stage after an extended closure due to Northconnex with the completion of two tunnels under the access track.

Check out the newest track video for a preview:

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Where to buy new Fat Bikes in Perth?

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Trying to find fat bike recommendations is frustrating!

I'm having trouble finding a good place to source a fat (4-5" tyre) bike in Perth. My trouble is that there are helpful online reviews for mainline fat bikes, but these never seem to cover
a) electric fat bikes, or
b) other brands or brands that are new to the market (which seems to be the only fatbikes - bar Diamant - that get an electric conversion)

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Any NobMob Final Flingers?

Going down for my final half fling (I'd been building up to the full, but too last I guess).

I always like how the organizers try to instill a sense of fun in these events, with themes Rolloff, kids races etc.

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Bare creek trail run - cascades

Bare creek trail run is taking place this sunday - 12th nov.

They will be using the cascades network from 6am to 11am.

I'd be keeping my mtb riding away from those trails on the day.
Alternative rides can be had around manly dam or Terrey hills.


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Nursing home ridge trail

Anyone know the deal with the Nursing Home Ridge trail, linking Pipeline to Manly Dam?

Lots of "closed to bike" signs due to erosion.

We seem happy to lay bitumen over our bushland for eternity but unhappy to roll a couple of square inches of rubber over it for a few seconds.

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Kinross signage

Howdy, can anyone out there advise if Kinross is well sign posted? Heading out on Thursday afternoon for the first time and don't want to get lost


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Caution! Please be aware!

The northbound Forest way cycle path lane has been taken away for 500m on the highest speed part of the road. So expect to be pushed into the lane where cars are doing 80kph plus just after the Kameroi school. Seriously WTF

Unbelievably bad planning!!!

I hope we don't read about an incident in the next few days.

Please take care and plan your ride.

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Manly Dam Trail Maintenance this Saturday 21st Oct

Meet at 8am Sat morning at the tennis courts on Roosevelt Ave in Allambie Heights for a short walk into the trail above the 19th hole
as usual bring a hat, sunscreen and some gardening gloves
we'll be working on drainage improvements to this section
hope to see you there

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Manly Dam- more trail lurv 21st October

third Sat of the month - 21st Oct is the next volunteer maintenance day at the Dam...PM me if you would like to join in the fun!
Also interested to get rider input on long term planning for this trail...who wants to go first?

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Gahnia TrailCare Volunteer Day - Sunday 8/10/17 - More people needed

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Gahnia TrailCare Volunteer Day - Sunday 8/10/17

Local riders needed!

Please register using this link

Our local Gahnia track is in much need of some attention and love. We need a handful of volunteers willing to move some rock and materials that have already been dropped into place along the track.

Due to the nature of this specific work we only need about 20 volunteers, and those who come should expect a fair amount of heavy lifting. A post dig BBQ and drinks will be provided to all volunteers who come help.

What to bring:

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Bike Buying...HELP

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Hi I am new to mountain biking...borrowed a bike a few times and loved it so have decided to buy a bike of my own and get into it a bit, I am 39 and not getting any younger so looking for something to hit bush trails and rides, the trails up in the Perth hills and also cruising around with the misses too.. I have $1500 to spend and have been told a lot of different things..some say buy a hardtail now and get a decent bike for the money, some say hardtails are too hard work and to keep saving and buy a dual or buy a second hand dual now..

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Does anyone know if Ghania has reopened?

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Moving to Grafton

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi guys,

I am looking to start mountain biking and I m also moving to Grafton for work in a weeks time. What is the scene like in Grafton and the surrounding area. Are there any groups?

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Tracks for kids Northern beaches

My sons (6,9yrs) have been loving possums for the last few weeks and we want to explore some other tracks.

Anyone got some suggestions?

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STOLEN: 2006 Giant Reign 2

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Hi all, bike was in locked storage cage in secured underground apartment parking in Maroubra area - came home to find the cage was broken into and bike missing. They left a Thule rack and giant floor pump. My neighbour's cage got broken into, it was some sort of roadie. One more cage down was a Malvern Star and they left that so go figure...

It's a relatively distinct bike now given it's age which makes it all that much more painful to part with. Appreciate a PM or email to sunny at if spotted.

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10 tonnes of rock!

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That's how much material was used last month to remediate a badly eroded section of the Manly Dam trail (8 tonnes of crushed sandstone and another 2 tonnes of flagging).
A small group of volunteers joined Trailcare for the first volunteer maintenance day at Manly Dam in more than 2yrs
The 3rd Saturday of each month is the new recurring date for volunteer maintenance at the Dam
Northern Beaches council and the rangers at the dam are supporting our sport by supplying material and hand tools for each of these days

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Just spent the last couple of weeks farm sitting at Clandulla (60km South of Mudgee NSW) and rode the single track in the State Forest there nearly everyday. If you are heading out that way it's worth a look.

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Serrata Status

Does anyone know if Serrata’s open? I know Gahnia is closed for maintenance until the end of the month but not sure about Serrata. A mate told me today it’s closed…. anyone know if / when it’s open?

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E bikes

During a 45 minute ride at the dam yesterday I was passed by no less than 3 Ebikes!
Ebikes are now being heavily promoted by all the major bike companies so we can expect to see many more on the tracks. They are here to stay.
I was wondering what others think about this trend - good or bad for the sport? It certainly does not require the same fitness level or technical skill set that conventional riding does so I think it dumbs down the sport but it will certainly appeal to many.

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Groupset choices and why?

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

What groupset do you prefer and why?

SRAM or Shimano

1x11 - 1x12 - Di2 - other

Best Mountain Bike