You are hereLithgow, Newnes Forest, Wolgan round trip

Lithgow, Newnes Forest, Wolgan round trip

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Newnes Plateau

Lithgow to Wolgan Valley via coach rd return.

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Nice ride with awesome views.
could be extended by going all the way down to Newnes or coming back over Balckfellows hands rd.

As a couple in the group had never been to the Glow Worm tunnels we missed the start of the Coach rd and made a side trip down to the tunnel.

Technically you have to walk your bike between the Tunnel car park and the tunnel.

Once we had a good look around the tunnel we back tracked a bit and cut across the Pagoda trail. Not sure if this is OK to ride but it's mainly hike a bike anyway. Awesome veiws of the pagoda country from the top before heading down to link up with the coach rd too.

Hans's picture

Hi Flynny ....nice pics and GPS track. Next time I'd love to join you and some of the local riders on any rides into the Capertee/Wollemi area.

We've been out there last weekend (Canoeing & climbing at Dunn's swamp, and stargazing at Ilford's South Pacific Star Party). Camped overnigth, and drove back the next day via the Glen Davis / Kandos road ...and wished we would have brought the bikes!

I also plan to drop in / stay at Thomas' cabins at Newnes next time...he sounds like nice guy.

Lets stay in touch for the next ride.

Cheers, Hans

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