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This week's round-up

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By Rob - Posted on 28 May 2010

In case anybody hasn't noticed it's been raining a lot in Sydney this week, with the forecast of worse to come no wonder the ride calendar is looking a little bleak too Sad

In fact, hairylittlehobbit asked, "Anywhere to ride?" Maybe the answer is to get a fancy wind trainer or just take a ride on the couch after grabbing a DVD or two from this awesome trailers thread.

Looks like the best bet for a decent ride will be out of town, so best wishes and good luck to all those heading South for the inaugural Capital Punishment event. Initially everyone was keen as mustard for this but the reality of a 7am start in Canberra winter might be hitting home with numerous entries hitting the classifieds. Grab yourself a late entry and head down for tomorrow's race if you can! Mind you, things might be bleak there, CookPassBartridge asked about wet weather gear but Morgan doesn't think the weather will be that bad Eye-wink

It's hard to not notice that NSW Tourism are promoting the state with MTB. Their campaign is in print and on billboards around the city. Sadly Sydney in particular isn't the riding mecca we'd like, but Sally Barnes gave riders hope with her reply to a few emails that have been sent. Keep up the campaign guys - let's get some real change! Smiling

Elsewhere on Global Riders GTA are having a Saturday dig day at Glenrock and point out Round 5 of the HMBA XC and DH Series is on at Awaba this Sunday. The guys from BMORC are going to hit up some sweet Oaks single track loops on Sunday. Take care at the Oaks guys - Jeff shared some of his surgeon's handywork - ouch!

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Laughing out loud

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Must be slow for Rob at work for him to post up that update.

Good update.

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Do you really think I'm in the office by then? Eye-wink

Nah - I've been inspired by other forums that post similar summaries. It's just a nice way to let people know what's going on in the forum that they otherwise might miss.

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Yeah, I think it's a great idea. Keep 'em coming! Smiling

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idiot that gets up at 5.30am on the Friday to go spinning and is in the office by 7.30am most days then?

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I'm at work by then! sadly... Sad

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Thanks for the update, too wet here in Newie to ride will do trackwork at Glenrock

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