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We Need You, Now! The Future Of Northern Beaches Mountain Biking Is In Your Hands!

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By nrthrnben - Posted on 13 July 2011

On Thursday 30 June 2011 a survey will go live on Council's website that aims to collect demographic and participation data from residents and visitors who ride mountain bikes in Warringah. The survey is an important component of the mountain bike research that is being undertaken by Council. It demonstrates to the mountain biking community that we are looking closely at the current and future provision of facilities in Warringah.

For the purposes of this survey the term mountain biking refers to all types of off-road cycling that does not occur on roads or formal bike paths, including such disciplines as cross country, BMX, downhill and dirt jumping. As mountain biking is an ongoing and controversial issue in Warringah, the survey is expected to receive many responses.

The online survey will be available for four weeks until Sunday July 31 2011, to ensure that people who may be away over the school holiday period have sufficient opportunity to participate.

Publicity will include, for example:
Inclusion in the Manly Daily Warringah Update on 1 July 2011
Email invitations to Councils mountain bike contact lists, including bike clubs and bike shops
Media release
schools Council representatives and Student Representative Councils
Twitter and Facebook

More info here:

There is only 18 days left to have your input into the future of Northern Sydney Mountain Biking. No matter your mtb dicipline or Location we need you, please take the opportunity to have your say (or please dont complain next time you see a no bike sign or your fav trail closed).

The online survey is sooooo simple to fill will only take you 5 minutes...and you get?.... legal single track and purpose built singletrack for you to enjoy!

Some tips for the Survey:

If you love the environment you ride in, please let that show!

Question 3: XC single track, DH, FR and DJ are all just as important as eachother.

Question 6: Dont like that they put risk with excitment, please tell them if you think thats wrong. Excitment? yes! unessesary risk?, no!

Question 9: Please include area's that you believe can have trails formalised or built
Ingelside park, and Warriwood Escarpment are a good start or any other parcels of land suitable that are not mentioned.
Question 14: Downhill or any other dicipline that is not catered at all needs to be shown, as there is currently Zero on the beaches, only Freeride is currently available on a somewhat informal basis at Oxford Falls

Most importantly, try to understand the reason why they are asking the questions before answering them.

Please make the most of this as oppurtunities like this dont come allong every day!

Make a difference:

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Only 9 days left, if you haven't done so already please take the survey Today!

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We need more reponses, if you ride a bike of any kind offroad, please take the survey above today!
If you get the time, email the link to your riding friends.

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If you havent done so to date, please take the MTB survey above, as this is your last chance.

Show the councils that we need more legal trails to ride today!

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Be heard,take the survey today, get more of what you love!

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Just recieved this from Michael McDermid

Thank you for participating in the recent Warrinagh council mountain bike survey and nominating to participate in further consultation...1500 surveys...workshop planned to discuss survey results and other research...Significant interest in participating in further consultation with over 900 survey respondents indicated willingness to be involved.
Invitations will be sent next week...if you do not recieve an invitation to the workshop we will inform you when the research is available publicly for comment...end of year

Thanks again for your interest in mountain biking.It was great for Council to recieve such a big response to the survey. Your input is highly valued

Enquiries: Jessica Currie, 02 99422111

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What a great number of participants. Cant wait to see the results!

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Can some one let me know how Nobmob works out who to represent the community?

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As NoBMoB isn't anything more than an online community there is no such thing as a 'representative'. No-one here can claim to represent anyone other than themselves - I certainly never do.

There are plans afoot to start a proper organisation that members can join (for free) and thus agree to be represented by officers of said organisation.

Details of this will be coming soon. But 'soon' might be a while as the people involved are very busy. I know they are trying.

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