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SRAM Singletrack Mind Series Round 1

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By Fi - Posted on 22 January 2013

Sunday, 28 April, 2013 - 08:00
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Kiwarrak State Forest
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Next to the tip entrance (grassed area) on The Bucketts Way (between Tinonee and Purfleet).


The SRAM Singletrack Mind Series features five mountain bike endurance events, of 7 or 8 hours duration. They will take you to five different locations in NSW, each one renowned for its flowing singletrack and fun factor.

The Series will kick off in fine style at a new venue for 2013, Kiwarrack State Forest in Taree! The Manning Great Lake Tip Riders MTB Club (crikey, that's a mouthful!) can't wait to welcome us to their highly-acclaimed singletrack on the weekend of 27 & 28 April. Get your leave pass booked pronto, this is a venue not to be missed!

Who's in?
Fi, Damien, Chris H
Fi Damien Chris H
What Happened?

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Ian_A 2nd place in Male 3's Finished 13 07:01:43 11 2

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This was my first MTB event after many years of triathlon. It was such a fun, well-run event!!

The singletrack around Kiwarrack State Forest is just incredible, the members of Taree Tip Riders have done an amazing job of establishing and maintaining the trails, and the team from Chocolate Foot put on a great day of racing. I just loved how relaxed and laid-back the event was.

Myself and another mate (another triathlon convert) gave it a crack in the Male God there are some good mountain bikers out there! A couple of blokes from Manly-Warringah Cycling Club took out our category, we ended up 14th in the Male Pairs and 40th overall....not too bad for a first outing for a couple of triathlete hacks Sticking out tongue. Years of riding on the road gave me the power to pass a lot of people on the few uphill drags each lap, but lots of people made a complete fool of me on the tight singletrack sections Sticking out tongue. Thankfully by the 6th lap I was starting to get a feel for the flowy single track and despite starting to tire, my lap times remained reasonably consistent (after going out ridiculously hard in my first lap to make sure I got one-up on my teammate in the fastest lap stakes Sticking out tongue ). The 62km I did in the saddle has nearly destroyed me today, I have unbelievable respect for those that did the event solo and for those who do 100km+ on a mountain bike.

We're hooked, and are planning to do more of the events from the series. The only one we probably won't do is Orange.

Finally, Jason English is unbelievable....not just because he is a complete animal, but because he is so damn nice to everyone! When he came up to pass my partner he just sat in, had a little chat and then overtook when there was room to do so, no drama at all.

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Hey Chris

Fantastic to read your report! Congrats on your first MTB race, hopefully now you've seen the light you won't be returning to the dark side of triathlon Eye-wink

Don't miss Orange! The track there is FANTASTIC! They all are, of course, but Orange has a ~2km downhill back to transition - huge smiles as people head into transition!

See you at Nowra.


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