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"Aussie" Moonride...NIGHT RIDERS!

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By Hans - Posted on 08 May 2008

For all the keen night riders out there ...

For the last 10 years the Kiwis (!) organised a fantastic "Moonride Festival"...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

See for details and videos...

I'm gauging interest for a similar event - here in the beautiful nightlife of the Kuringai/Garigal woods...(we can start small - the kiwis limit theirs now to 390 TEAMS...)

Would you be interested?

Hit the reply button below to show your interest and add your constructive ideas...

Rgds Hans

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Hans, you are too late, last night on the night ride one of the more elderly male riders (not yourself, Pikey, Harry or me) was mooning the riders behind them.

I've tried Perimeter/Long without lights on a full moon and its doable, so count me in.

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Thx Paul

but seriously - this is a ride with wonder all the Ay-ups are sold out (all gone to NZ'ed?) ...but you can do this with a $ 30 LED headlight from Jaycar.


Rgds Hans


Happiness is a warm shock.

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That is pretty much the format of the Sydney 24hr
Year 1, 2 and 3(?) had the 12hr of day light(Ride 6hrs, party, sleep, start again ride another 6 hrs) + the 24hr

this year was set to include a 100km option and other stuff as well but fell over from lack of interest.

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I was keen for the Sydney 24hr but as flynny said, it was unfortunately cancelled.

Something 'close to home' (always a bonus) with a festive atmosphere would be great.

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let's start with a smaller scale...

couple of riders 10-15 - similar to our social evening rides, a BBQ somewhere convenient and central...similar to John's MTB overnighter...but a lot closer to home...

Reply if you're keen...

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Harry and I have ideas for this idea.

Ill contact you soon.


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