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A great MTB community

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I just wanted to say a few words about the MTB community and specifically the guys that frequent the trails on the Northern Beaches.

I’ve been actively riding my MTB on the Northern Beaches tracks and trails for the last 12 months. Up until recently I was riding a piece of crap Big W bike but I never copped any shit for it, people accepted that I was just out having a go and were always friendly. In fact when I busted a chain at the end of the Long Track at Duffy’s Forest every rider who came past stopped to check if I was ok and many offered to check if they had a spare link.

Mount Canobolas Area

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The Walls Lookout - Mt Canobolas

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The view from the Walls Lookout at Mt Canobolas (with Joe and Grant) looking towards Orange. You can see The Pinnacle too. It was cold.

This is a large area of forest with a lot of fire and management trails that are great to explore. It also has some big hills.

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Mugga Hill Trail Map (Dubbo)

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Map for Mugga Hill Trails near Dubbo.

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Glenbrook to Wentworth Falls and back - Bring waterwings!

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Saturday, 3 March, 2012 - 07:15
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Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks
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Glenbrook station carpark.

-33.769197, 150.622262 (Glenbrook Station Carpark)

If you're starting to think doing the Oakes is ... well ... a little ordinary - do we have a doozy for youi! Glenbrook to Wentworth Falls via Woodford, and back again. 100kms of sheer mountain biking joy!

This ride is hugely satisfying, and if you have a decent level of fitness, it HAS to be on your itenerary. It's that good. (Very personal, opinions, but I'd rate Oakes up and down a 6, this longer, round trip jaunt a 9 or 10.)

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MTB skills trip to Canada

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Every couple of years my coach organises a trip to Canada for XC riders who want to improve their technical skills. The idea is to ride DH bikes (can hire or buy over there) for a few weeks, travelling around to the main mtb/ski parks in Canada - Whistler, Sun Peaks, Panorama, Kicking Horse and Silver Star. This year there will also be some XC/AM riding thrown in to break up the DH riding. The trip will be from July 26th - 17th August, and we need another 4 people. So if you are keen, send me a message.

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Merry Xmas, eh? - someone stole our bikes

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Hi All,
We've gone to our garage to head out for final Xmas shopping today and our his and her GT Avalanche 3.0 disc braked (entry level - but whole loads of fun for us) are gone. They've been in a garage in Crows Nest behind our car in an under building car park.

The bikes are a SM Orange/black/grey GT Avalanche 3.0, and a red/white GT Avalanche 3.0 with Shimano SPD pedals.

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Breathing life back into a hard tail MTB frame

So I've just finished a project building-up this 8 year old Legless Lizard mountain bike frame as a single speed flip-flop fixie. The frame has been in a bike bag in the garage for years now and its great to be able to breath life back into it.

If anyone's interested in doing something similar, or just interested in what went into it, I kept a blog of the process. Check it out be good to hear your thoughts on whether the flip-flop system is innovative or not? I've not seen many around, but then I don't hang-out much in the fixie world Eye-wink

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Innovative new bike build - The Hybrid Flip-Flop Fixie

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I've been thinking about what to do with an 8 year old mtb frame I have for a while. Last week I was browsing online and found this fixie solution from Velo Solo that enables you to fix the cog onto the disc brake mount. This means that on the freehub side, you can run another cog, making a hybrid flip-flop fixie & free wheel bike (flip-flop because you can flip the wheel over to change Smiling). See picture it makes way more sense... so that's the project. A hybrid front suspension freehub street bike or a super fast fixie for getting to and from work nice and quick.

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Newbie needs riding partners ...

Hey I'm just getting into MTB riding really keen, trying to ride once a weekend at least, but I need some people to ride with? I think these group rides that are posted up here might be too technical for me to start with so I may not keep up. If anyone's keen on a few MTB rides with a newbie let me know !

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Warrimoo DH - Needs your support

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Keep your eyes on this one guys as it has great significance to the local MTB scene!

Hey guys,

As you would be aware, Ku-ring-gai Council has recently put some signs up the top of the trail implying that it is an approved bike track. This is however not entirely the case. It was apparently too well built, to justify the cost of destroying it so they put the signs in as a temporary measure.

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