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Forum Round up for Oct 22

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By Rob - Posted on 22 October 2010

Haven't done one for a while, so here's a quick forum round up for those looking to pass time on a Friday.

Sunny started quite a discussion about servicing tools - a worthy investment for any budding mechanic, right? For those already competent with a hex key or two there were lots of new machines shown off. Then there's that nice story about a Lost Phone & Multi Tool in Cascades that ended well... lucky!

Hopefully the pain of the 24 Hour Solo Worlds Champs has faded for those who did battle recently. There was a very nice Pit Crew Report too. Crazy, the lot of you!

Speaking of races, the Highland Fling is now only 3 weeks away. Surely the pick of this weekend's rides will then be the In for the Fling Mega Loop. Or would you prefer Sunday's Berowra fun stuff?

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has taken a moment to complete the NPWS MTB Discussion Paper feedback form. Those comments are closing Monday so you still have time if you haven't added your voice yet! Sticking out tongue

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