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Thank you all for your submissions!

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By Rob - Posted on 26 October 2010

Just a quick note to thank everyone who commented on the NPWS mountain bike discussion paper over the last month or so.

It might have taken some prompting (sorry), but a nice flow of submissions ended up on the government's forum. The final tally was 2310 comments across the 6 topics listed.

To highlight what a sterling job mountain bike riders have done in showing the department what a massive demand for mountain biking facilities there is, just have a look at a couple of other topics on the 'Shape Your State' site and the interest they received:

  • Health Reform received 242 comments across 13 topics.
  • Barangaroo development received 290 comments across 17 topics.

So go mountain bikers! Hopefully these numbers will prove to be a message that the authorities just cannot ignore.

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Yeah top work guys. good to see so much valuable input and opinions, that while diverse were still pulling in the same direction.

Big thanks to Rob for helping to promote it and prod people into action too.

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Rob as well, mate without your efforts on following people up and setting up a redirect on this site it wouldnt have happened, so as Flynny said
a big thanks.

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... about hassling us! We're an apathetic lot.

Yes it's been a team effort. But your clear thinking, your work on this site, your willingness to play "bad cop" when needed and your work in getting people together have played a key role in the progress made to date.

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to what Hawkeye said.

Well done Rob!

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Ditto all. Your efforts are appreciated by all Rob. Keep up the great work. We love our sport.'s picture

great work thats a huge response.

the one to look out for now is the western sydney parklands new plan of management. submissions have been made by various groups and the draft plan should be up for public comment before too long.

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