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CORC 24 Hour 2008

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By Rob - Posted on 05 June 2008

Saturday, 11 October, 2008 - 12:00
24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Stromlo Forest Park
Meeting Point: 

Uriarra Road, just up from the Uriarra Road/Coppins Crossing Road turnoff.

-35.314211 149.027521 (Uriarra Road)

Keep an eye out for more details:

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Who's in?
Rob, pikey, craigs, christine, Whisperer, davis_jnr, Buck, dreggsy, Paul, evan, delicious, daves, GAZZA, Harry, ar_junkie, leximack, Steve 01, Carlgroover, Damien, mtbasn.alex, Nick R, lozza6, donal, linco, Morgan, Gonz, Supagav, staffe, trailburner, camster, Boris (31 riders)
Rob pikey craigs christine Whisperer davis_jnr Buck dreggsy Paul evan delicious daves GAZZA Harry ar_junkie leximack Steve 01 Carlgroover Damien mtbasn.alex Nick R lozza6 donal linco Morgan Gonz Supagav staffe trailburner camster Boris
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Damien Fun Fun Fun Finished 28 24:10:39 Mixed/3s 2
Supagav Fuzzy eyes..... Finished 28 24:10:39 Mixed/3s 2
staffe Not so good Finished 27 24:30:40 Male/6s(40+) 7
Rob Sickness and Health Finished 25 24:10:31 Male/6s 39
lozza6 My First 24 hour event Finished 25 24:10:31 Male/6s 39
Carlgroover The great race Finished 23 24:59:12 7 Male/Solo(+40) 2
craigs CROC - 24Hr.....Stolen Bike Finished 17 23:58:47 Male/6s(40+) 32
Paul Hairy R's - Excellent Scott 24 Adventure Finished 17 24:53:38 Mixed/6s(40+) 10

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Carlgroover's picture

Website for the 24hr click the link. Oh and I'll be there, riding on my lonesome Smiling

Brian's picture

I said I was a maybe but I have some major work projects so I'm thinking not for now.

Damien's picture

I cant resist I am going to go Solo SS for this one now.

Buck's picture

Well we have a team of 6.
Rob, Lozza, Tien, Caro, Sam and myself.

Haven't thought of a name yet though.

evan's picture

Anyone else interested in creating another team. Very keen to do this race.


Stuart M's picture

You have three lots of Nobmob teams there that can be your support.

lozza6's picture

I believe Irish Gary is looking to do the CORC 24 as well

only 2 more and you've got yourself a team!

evan's picture

stupid I'm not. Eye-wink
But good thought thanks Stu

Stuart M's picture

as you would if you were in a team. Heck, peg yourself to someone that is in a team, when they go out, you do. Just make sure you're on the bike at hour 23, finish the lap and you've done your first 24hr solo. Full respect there mate Eye-wink

GAZZA's picture

ill be (if things go to plan!) fairly fit by then so would be looking for a relaxed but competitive team to join, evan, gary and myself???? anyone else?

evan's picture

Sounds good GAZZA.

What a team mix Irish, English and Welsh. All we need is a Scotsman.

ar_junkie's picture

This comment has been moved here.

spart's picture

Hi guys,

If you are willing to trade the Scotsman for a Belgian then I would be happy to take part in the team. Let me know, keen to do my first 24h race. Should be up for it by then.


evan's picture

Kewl, I have no probs with that. This team will be a bit of fun but if you wanna race hard your more than welcome too.


JB's picture

I want to do this solo.

Will any of the guys doing this as race as teams be willing to help as support crew and look after my stuff? Last time i did 24hr without support crew made it a bit tough.


Rob's picture

Nutters... Eye-wink

So that's Groover, Damien & now JB going solo?

Am sure there will be plenty of people at camp NoBMoB to look after your gear. You might have to bribe a few people to be crew though, or are there any groupies out there to help these fine fellows?

mtbasn.alex's picture

is this the scott??

is there any teams that are going to take it seriously?

Damien's picture

No not solo for me now once a year will do just fine but I am looking forward to next Easter.

I am now in training for team Supa my plan is to go from overweight mush to singlespeed hardman in three months is it possible?

Carlgroover's picture

ar junkie & Steve 01, seems you have a chance of grabbing a quick team mate here if you haven't already got your teams sorted.

Carlgroover's picture

I believe so, but you have to believe it first. Rule 1. If it's fattening don't eat it. Rule 2. Ride your bike everyday.

daves's picture
camster's picture

I'm in.
Anyone need another in their team?

lozza6's picture

Put us in!

Dr Albert's Bocz of Nobs!

Buck's picture

Calm down dig Sticking out tongue

Entries not open yet

lozza6's picture

*fingers pointed towards forehead*

lozza6's picture
evan's picture

Hi All,

Really keen on doing this but have lost 2 members Sad

Please let me know if you are interested in joining a team with the aim of just having fun.


delicious's picture

Evan, we need to talk...

Carlgroover's picture

That sounds a lot like what I've just signed up for, I entered solo today but I've gone with the more positive thinking name of Unstoppable that I used at the Sydney 24hr in 2007.

leximack's picture

i just entered my team of 4, extremely fun and relaxed team, 2 of the riders ride only a few times a yr so fitness is not there strong point, i think i will be doing ALOT of the night laps this yr, better buy some more ayup batteries i think.
Looking forward to it, awesome track last yr.


evan's picture

Hiya delicious-p,

Have another contender as well, daves. That's a definite team of 3. Another one would be great Smiling


spart's picture

Hi Evan,

Who is still in the team? Maybe we could put in some training rides, would be nice to know eachother before heading out on the 24hrs.

daves's picture

So, lets see if I can get this right.
Evan started of forming a team with Gazza, Gary, and Spart,
then lost 2 team members - which must be Gazza and Gary, since Evan's still here...
so Delicious-p and myself put our hands up to join.

So, now, its:

That sounds like a team. Smiling.

evan's picture

Now that's sounds like a good idea. Or another idea... meet up for a beer at a pub somewhere. Eye-wink
PM me your locations and we'll try an work something out. Also PM me for thoughts on a team name.

I will more than likely be at Ourimbah on Sat and doing the 8hr on Sunday. Just depends on that fickle thing call weather.

Thanks guys and talk to you soon.


delicious's picture

Team name; The Shock Springs...
I live in Coogee and will travel to meet with you all. I've not raced in this format before. Ever. Just so you know.
But I'm keen.

spart's picture

Never done a 24hrs but keen to do this one. Looking forward to our training rides (and/or beers). As for Sunday, hope the weather is a bit better than what we had on our night ride yesterday evening.


trailburner's picture

will be "fun"...

Whisperer's picture

Considering doing 24 solo, but have to get together the logistics of support etc.
Given there is such a strong contingent of 'Nobbers, I expect that should not be too much of an issue. But would need to nominate someone as primary support in the entry.
Not really going for a placing, just a finish... as they say the first time is the hardest. (however, once out there I'd probably have trouble not 'trying' for a place Smiling

Alternatively, if there are another three 40+'s who wants to do a four man masters team and go for a result, I'd consider that too.
Any takers?


Whisperer's picture

Now officially one of the prescribed 'nutters'.
Solo in the 40+ class.
and training, training, training....

Carlgroover's picture

of the The Lap Dancers racing team have now gone solo for the Scott 24 all we need now is you Steve01 Smiling

pikey's picture

After a small panic yesterday when the entry section of the site was closed all is now well.

"The Snoring Forties" are:

Peter R

I hope you yougens have been training cause you ain't gunner catch us Sticking out tongue

Salad is what food eats Smiling

Stuart M's picture

did you know that Mikey Robins stole your signature the other week on GNW, or is it a case of the other way around and someone is forgetting credit where it is due? Eye-wink

pikey's picture

Thanks for pointing that out.

Now time for a new version of the wisdom.

Salad is made from vegetables and that is what my food eats!

Not quite the same but blame stuart

ar_junkie's picture

Either you eat a lot of rabbits or you have some 'interesting' salads...

dreggsy's picture

I'm counting down the days to this event,
Hopefully I'll get the top 10 finish which has eluded me for so long....

Damien's picture

Cant wait is an understatment I almost wish I was going solo again I will just have to wait until Easter next year. Should be a lot of fun and almost as full on as a solo efort in a team of three I just have to finish of the training nicely and not break any bones the week before the race this time.

Nick R's picture

Hi - what is the course like for this event ie hilly, smooth, technical descents, tight twisting singletrack etc? I am trying to work out which bike to take and train on either the hardtail or dually or perhaps both hardtail for day and dually for night. I am part of a team not a solo nutter. Any advice?

dreggsy's picture

Hi - what is the course like for this event ie
hilly, = Y

smooth = Y

technical descents = Y

tight twisting singletrack = Y

I am trying to work out which bike to take and train on either the hardtail or dually or perhaps both hardtail for day and dually for night.

Take both because if one breaks you'll have a spare

Carlgroover's picture

As you've done both the Scott 24 and the Australian Champs at Majura, on which track would you expect to do more k's? The loop we did for the 8hr was harder than Majura, but I've been told the other loop is fairly flat. One other thing, they won't have the beginners downhill track in the 24hr will they? As I had the worst arm pump of my life after 8hrs, the thought of doing that for 24hrs gives me nightmares. Shocked

leximack's picture

i think last yr i actually had similar elevation gain on both the red lap and the blue lap. The red lap was the lap that went up to the observatory and then back down again. The blue lap went around the base of the mountain.
Both laps had about 320m of elevation gain, The red lap was about 1km shorter and i was lapping faster on the red lap by about 3-4mins. I found the blue lap harder as it was constant up/down, dont think you could call it flat. The red lap was faster and defintaley more enjoyable.
Approx 42-43mins per lap for red and 45-50mins for the blue, i was in a slow team of 4 and am by no means a fast rider. Fast guys were doing the red lap in 35mins i think (maybe a bit less).
Good luck, its a fun course, will be tough for 24hrs solo.


edit - checked my garmin
320m ascent for red lap 12.3km
325m ascent for blue lap 13.5km

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