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Day 3 22nd May 07

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My kinda day. Light scattered cloud, nice "bite" to the air, plenty of sun without the heat!

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Day 2 21 May 07

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Bit of a mixed mashed day, not what I would call ideal but not shocking either.

First to the good news. Went to the docs and as I thought cholesterol is high but PSA is OK. Unfortunately cholesterol is "rather" high so need to work on that.

Spent most of the day running around so didn't get the exercise done I wanted to.

1/2hr lap swimming
1/2hr stretching.

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End day 1 20 March 07

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Ok not a bad day. Nice warm sunny weather....but no ride.

2 x 10 push ups Didn't know I could do that, maybe things aren't that bad.
3 x 15 sit ups Oh shit yes they are
20 mins on the trainer
1/2 hr yoga First time I've pulled out that particular tape in a long while. Forgot how good breathing properly is

Wasn't sure about this but I guess if I'm going to do this properly then I need to be completely open,
Coffee, small bowl plus muesli flakes, slice of raison toast...yes with butter.
Meat loaf sandwich. last of the leftovers

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Tomorrow finally arrived 20 March 07

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OK so I entered an endurance event a couple of weeks back with the intention of training hard, getting fit and shedding a few pounds. To no great surprise this hasn't happened, I'm riding less now than before I registered and have put on weight rather than lose it.

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Dirtworks Disaster

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OK, so - the 'eventful' Dirtworks this year?

As I say on MB, "First 50 looking good, around 70Ks beginning to falter, last 20Ks - pure hell! Didn't eat/drink enough to keep the early pace going. Doh!"

As I often joke, I should write a book about what not to do on an MTB. On this occasion the planning was probably OK, but poorly executed I suffered for it.

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West Head Ride

Well, hit up West Head yesterday in an attempt to find a drier spot to ride, and the West Head trails were great! Center trail, Waratah, good fun and good warm up for the Dirtworks.

Awesome to finally meet some of you too. Goatman, you impressed me! Was good to ride with Crash Bandicoote and The Pannicar, and I think Lizard Arse you are on the roids!!

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Video Archive

Just to update the peeps on this site.
Rob and I are working a storage area for video footage for all our wonderful spills, adventures and other wonderful mishaps. For the time being YouTube or Video Google are still the go.

Idea of the new storage area is to enable direct links to post for the footage. It also will mean that as long as its of a .avi extension it will work. This also means there is no quality lost like YouTube etc.

Please be patient, we will let you know.


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Day 2, not looking that pretty

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Not that I ever did.

Generally feeling very sore all over, glad now I did ride out and not bum a lift of the ranger, would be alot worse today if stopped there and then. So heres the run down

Right knee not that badly off actually. Most of the redness has gone from around the graze. Think I got most of the dirt out.
Left knee, hmm, worse than I thought yesterday. Bruising on the outside is going to be big, but not as big as the inside of the thigh. Save on pics at the moment, the bruising won't show through that forest I have growing on my legs.
Right shoulder, well the open sore is still weeping. This was directly ontop of my fall at Oxford Falls a while back so I expect will take a little longer to heal. Shoulders and neck relatively stiff, maybe I hit my head harder than I thought.

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Stupidity wins again!

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You know with a name like Stuart I grew up with years of primary school teasing "stupid Stuart". I never let it get to me because, well hey, I knew I wasn't stupid. As I sit today though, some 30 odd years later, I'm now not so sure.

Let me set the scene. A last minute night ride last Wednesday saw me doing the Duck Holes / Centre Track combination for the first time. The road climb between the two nearly killed me. Not to be put off, my aim today was to do the total ride in a better time than we did the other night, which was apparently respectable. Above all, get to the top the hill in middle ring (32t)

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Fitness training

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Practice loop #1
Start - Home @ Narrabeen.
- Ride aong Wakehurst Pkwy to Deep Creek
- Deep creek track to Morgan Rd Firetrail to Oxford Falls Start
- Oxford Falls start to Nursery Rhymes, to Morgan Rd Firetrail, to Moon Rock trail, to Morgan Rd Firetrail, to Deep Creek and back home.
Total Distance = 21.69Km's
Total Riding time (Beginning) = 1 hour 29 Mins

- To complete within 1 hour riding time, with only 1 break at the start of the Oxford falls track.

This is how I plan to achieve my goal by riding this route 2-3 times a week.

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