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Sydney (North)

Berowra Heights

At a Glance

Berowra Heights Gallery

Lovely leafy fire trail on the western side of the plateau. Commonly riden from Ti-Tree Cres north to Berkerly Cl and then sealed roads back to meeting location.

Blackbutt Reserve - Killara

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
1 for 2.4km (94%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 0.2km (6%)

Blackbutt Reserve - Killara Gallery

A short aerobic out and back workout in a shady valley.

Bobbin Head

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
7 for 7.6km (95%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 0.1km (2%)
1 for 0.2km (3%)

Bobbin Head Gallery

Very easy fire trail along the ridge top with a couple of fast downhill sections if you're up to it, this is perfect for the absolute beginner.

Clarinda St

Clarinda St Gallery

Clarinda St to Galston Rd. Western side of Hornsby Plateau

A fast, in parts technical, mostly downhill fire trail which can be linked to the nearby Quarry Road Track or done on its own for a 10 or so kilometer loop, including some road linkage. Has some steep climbs, though there aren't any nearly as long as in QRT. One advantage to the track is that there are numerous exit points along the way if needed.

Dargle Farm

Dargle Farm Gallery

A private track no longer used for some events. Owner asked WSMTB to stop events in 2010

Galston Recreation Reserve

Galston Recreation Reserve Gallery

A network of fire trails leading off from the Galston Aquatic Centre.

Jubes Mountain Bike Park

Jubes Mountain Bike Park Gallery

Sydney's first of its kind; a MTB facility that's suitable both for the family as well as those out to train/have fun. Recently re-opened, it, along with OMV, has helped to turn the Upper North Shore into a place that has some genuinely good purpose built riding.

Lane Cove National Park

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
7 for 8.4km (85%)
1 for 1.4km (15%)

Lane Cove National Park Gallery

Located to the North of Macquarie Uni, trails range from rocky fire trails along the creek, sealed commuter cycle trails in the South, & roughly concreted steep sections in the NW.

Marramarra National Park

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Double Track:
1 for 5.2km (14%)
12 for 26km (73%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 4.4km (12%)

Marramarra National Park Gallery

Wide range of trails from the rather leisurely Collingridge Point out and back to the wild technical descent of Smugglers Track and killer climb from the creek up Marramarra Ridge Trail - this place pretty much has it all.

North Turramurra

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
13 for 15km (78%)
1 for 0.6km (3%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
3 for 2.5km (13%)
Single Track - Exposed:
1 for 0.8km (4%)
1 for 0.4km (2%)

North Turramurra Gallery

Fire trail with some single track options, linking the Murrua Track at North Turramurra with the Grosvenor Track at North Wahroonga.

Old Man's Valley

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 2.7km (100%)

Old Man's Valley Gallery


Mostly cross country single track, built to IMBA standards, OMV is a combination of hand cut, machine cut, slick rock, rock armoured and timber board walk. Except for the Green Loop, OMV is relatively challenging with tight rocky sections, short pinch climbs, and includes extensive berms and rollers that help the rider maintain momentum and flow.

Stage 1
Green loop = 0.4km
Blue loop = 2.8km
Blue inc Black loops = 3.2km

Please use the new tyre scrubber on Quarry Road to remove mud from tyres - (Plant disease control).

Quarry Road Track (Berowra Valley)

At a Glance

Quarry Road Track (Berowra Valley) Gallery


Bring plenty of water and a few snacks, remember hills are you friends because without climbing them you would not be going downhill.

Be prepared for a hill fest this out and back trail has plenty to offer even if it is only firetrail. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Westleigh - H2O

Westleigh - H2O Gallery

An almost official network of hand made sniggle on the old Water Board site. A good mix of green, black and blue loops to test most riders. Small jumps run.

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