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Dirtworks Classic 2009

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By philberesford - Posted on 04 December 2008

Sunday, 3 May, 2009 - 06:30
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Great Northern Road
Meeting Point: 

St Albans, NSW


The Dirt Works Classic is regarded as one of Australia's most challenging mountain bike endurance races, consistently inspiring all entrants to push their personal boundaries. Now in its fifth year, the course follows the historic Convict Trail through the Dharug and Yengo National Parks. The mix of fast fire trail, technical single track, rocky descents, and spectacular ridgeline views is unmatched by any other MTB event. The Dirt Works Classic starts and finishes in the historic township of St. Albans and competitors can choose between the full "Century of Dirt" and the 50km course.

Who's in?
pikey, Stuart M, Heckler, Bernd, christine, goatman, Whisperer, davis_jnr, Buck, Paul, evan, Nic, GAZZA, Bruce, kiwiboy, leximack, Peter Creeden, Steve 01, bri, Andy Bloot, GeordieAndy, markp, dkido, Carlgroover, Gary, Damien, mtbasn.alex, Warthog, Nick R, lozza6, sarina, CB, linco, unclebullbar, LadyToast, philberesford, Supagav, Critty, BT, staffe, RaceLeader, Eyeball, rubba, FieldofMars, Checkmate, jdb, Dibbler, Bubble, PIVOT MACH 5, dangersean, Debs, obmal, PVR (53 riders)
pikey Stuart M Heckler Bernd christine goatman Whisperer davis_jnr Buck Paul evan Nic GAZZA Bruce kiwiboy leximack Peter Creeden Steve 01 bri Andy Bloot GeordieAndy markp dkido Carlgroover Gary Damien mtbasn.alex Warthog Nick R lozza6 sarina CB linco unclebullbar LadyToast philberesford Supagav Critty BT staffe RaceLeader Eyeball rubba FieldofMars Checkmate jdb Dibbler Bubble PIVOT MACH 5 dangersean Debs obmal PVR
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
BT First 50K Finished 02:25:20 90 50Km/Male/Veteran 29
muffo Great day Finished 02:35:40 155 50Km/Male/Masters 50
sonicmook Too unfit for 100KM! Maybe the doctor... Finished 02:37:10 161 50Km/Male/Veteran 59
Bernd hmmmmmmmmmm Finished 02:44:59 189 50Km/Male/Masters 64
davis_jnr Davis_jnr is BIT Finished 02:51:38 262 50Km/Male/Veteran 98
anke13 First Dirtworks 50km Finished 03:04:37 327 50Km/Female/Veteran 12
woftt Dirtworks - 1st attempt Finished 03:17:36 392 50Km/Male/Masters 128
Supagav Smashed!!! Finished 04:40:47 19 100Km/Male/Open 3
Steve 01 Great day at the races Finished 04:57:06 43 100Km/Male/Masters 7
Carlgroover What a Blast Finished 05:02:07 50 100Km/Male/Masters 10
v BoooOOOOooo Finished 05:22:47 98 100Km/Female/Elite 2
Critty DW 09 - TOUGH! Finished 05:24:20 96 100Km/Male/Veteran 33
PIVOT MACH 5 Dirtworks 100km Finished 05:28:47 109 100Km/Male/Veteran 39
LadyToast Cant....type... too... tired Finished 05:28:50 110 100Km/Male/Veteran 40
staffe 50k of ridin' - 50k of crampin' Finished 05:36:14 134 100Km/Male/Veteran 32
Whisperer Dirtworks 09 - A personal best! Finished 05:43:00 169 100Km/Male/Masters 45
Danielvn First OZ race Finished 05:46:23 173 100Km/Male/Super Masters 8
Nick R Great day Finished 05:48:33 181 100Km/Male/Veteran 69
dangersean First 100km - Awesome Finished 05:57:40 210 100Km/Male/Veteran 76
sjm Firstworks Finished 06:05:30 227 100Km/Male/Veteran 86
Damien Ho Hum Finished 06:15:01 258 100Km/Male/SS 9
Bruce fun fun fun Finished 06:16:09 263 100Km/Male/Veteran 101
Checkmate 1st time clipped in Finished 06:24:03 276 100Km/Male/Veteran 114
philberesford One down... Finished 06:35:12 332 100Km/Male/Veteran 132
Buck Dirtworks 2009 100km Finished 06:38:09 348 100Km/Male/Open 44
Dibbler First 100Km race Finished 06:48:23 402 100Km/Male/Masters 115
alchemist Fixed Century Finished 07:25:31 539 100Km/Male/SS 16
Paul DW 100 on a SS (tick that box) Finished 07:29:09 547 100Km/Male/SS 17
Heckler DW'09 Moto Moto Finished 07:29:11 518 100Km/Male/Masters 158
obmal first timer. Finished 08:10:00 664 100Km/Male/Veteran
unclebullbar 100km Cherry popped Finished 08:47:34 655 100Km/Male/Veteran 284
evan Finished It - Will it be the last 100km ?? Finished 09:08:37 729 100Km/Male/Veteran 295
christine social 100 - only way go go! Finished 09:16:14 734 100Km/Female/Veteran 17
Nic Lucky last Nobmobie... I had the best time!!! Finished 09:16:15 691 100Km/Male/Masters 218

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Paul's picture

Well I've entered the 100k as a SS - just thinking about it makes my quads ache.

Rob's picture

Nah... reckon the DW course will be well suited to SS Paul. Erm... not that I'll be trying it! Eye-wink

Damien's picture

Just do lots of riding on the SS even on the road if you cant get out in the bush and you will be fine.

davis_jnr's picture

ok so its been some time since i've ridden for longer than 30 mins.... got to set some goals though.

I'll start with the 50....seems as though its time to get back on the kona for some short rides to build on my level of bugger all fitness Smiling

Damien's picture

That was quick the 100k has sold out and the 50 is 70% full anyone wanting to do this had better get organised and enter.

Bernd's picture

... I'm in for the 50k, do they have a 69er class?????
the Fork fits like I bought one... need a wheel now!!

Damien's picture

There should be a 50 SS category. I guess you got the crown race off them ok then.

Bernd's picture

... I have in my car and give it back next time I see u, maybe on the 29th!!
Thanks again, my project looks good already, just need a front wheel!
anybody out there......

alchemist's picture

Make sure you gear big - half the course is flat road.

Bernd's picture

... I don't think so!! I was only joking!
I will be on the F A T with a lot of gears to choose from!!
maybe next year on the 69er......

leximack's picture

all gone, 50km, 100km and double centurion are all gone.

Alysum's picture

I didn't get mine in time Sad will be keen to buy someone's entry if he pulls out Eye-wink


Bruce's picture

Entered for both the BMC100 & Dirtworks 100 Smiling
Bring on the double centurion!

kiwigirl's picture

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mclutterham's picture

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CB's picture

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leximack's picture

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unclebullbar's picture

The wife would like to see some of the Dirtworks. Is there any point in her coming up to have a look or is it a waste of time? She likes the look of the canoe bridge - would this be easy to find?


Rob's picture

The bridge was here last year (and somewhere very close the previous two):,%20150....

Yeah, if it's a nice day would be good to hang there and get some photos, although you'd want to be on the West side to get the riders coming towards you.

Which is a bit annoying, as on the East side, not far from here is Shepherds Gully which would be good to watch the action on. From a 6:30 start the pros will probably be there from 9am onwards (crazy!).

Although the last river crossing (North of St Albans) would also be a good spot to see lots of tired riders wading across.

Brian's picture

I was so looking forward to this but with no time to train I've decided to pull the pin on this one Sad.

PS. I have already sold the ticket.

PIVOT MACH 5's picture

I feel like charlie in the chocolate factory! i gots me a golden ticket! See you guys there and thanks to the kind soul that offered me the entry Smiling

linco's picture

I know hiw you feel Darren. I just got one too. This is going to be fun if my legs can just go the distance. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

mtbasn.alex's picture

hey guys just wondering is nobmob camping together ?
any plans..

{ check out my website @ }

christine's picture

i clicked the star! Smiling

Damien's picture

There are 23 entered in singlespeed thats got to be some sort of record for one of these events.

CB's picture

Hi Damien

I got the email saying the final event info wasa on the site but when I go to the dirtworks site, I can't find it. I got ride of my temp internet files etc. but still no luck.

Did you get your info from the DW site (and I'm being a klutz..)or from somewhere else ?


Damien's picture
CB's picture

Got it fine on my home computer, must just be a glitch with the work one....or as our IT guy would say, ' Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair '

Thanks Damien


Paul's picture

Last year there were only 9 SS's - so I was going for a Top 10 spot this year.

Since there are actually 23 riders in the class I may have to amend my expectations to a Top 23 placing instead or swap to the 50k event which only has 3 SS riders.

Damien's picture

Paul it will be a lot more satisfying when you bet a few of the other singlespeeders as oposed to coming 4th, 3rd or even 1st out of 4 riders.

The 50km SS is for girls they should be booted into the 100 and told harden the you know what up.

Paul's picture

Damien, what gearing are you riding in the DW - the amount of flat sections has me thinking that I should increase the gearing so I can be quicker on the flats.

I was thinking of changing from 32/18 (1.78) to 33/18 (1.83) as a minimum and possibly to 32/17 (1.88)?

Damien's picture

I assume like me you are doing this to finish and enjoy the ride with this in mind I will be running 32 x 19 and was briefly contemplated the 32 x 21 I ran at the solo but I am not that soft. Paul dont worry about the flat parts you will not be much faster on them with a taller gear but you will be cursing the decision (32 x 17) on some of the nasty pinch climbs later in the race.

My first Dirtworks I ran a 32 x 18 (175mm Crank) on my 26inch SS and it was a good choice got me home in 6hrs 16min and wasnt to dificult on the hills So 32 x 19 on the 29er is about half a tooth harder but with a 5mm (180mm) longer crank works out about the same.

Paul's picture

My preparation hasn't been the best with the most I have ridden on the SS being 63k - so my only aim is to finish. I will probably stick with 32/18 (but I have a new Surly 33 tooth so 33/18 is tempting).

How difficult is the climbing in the second 50k compared to the first 50k?

Damien's picture

It gets dificult after the last water stop at the 75k mark this is where you will wish for an easier gear its relentless and a real pain.

Nic's picture

... and be able to select any of the following ratios on the fly:
22:34t = 0.65:1
22:30t = 0.73:1
22:26t = 0.85:1
32:34t = 0.94:1
22:23t = 0.96:1
32:30t = 1.07:1
22:20t = 1.10:1
22:18t = 1.22:1
32:26t = 1.23:1
44:34t = 1.29:1
22:16t = 1.38:1
32:23t = 1.39:1
44:30t = 1.47:1
22:14t = 1.57:1
32:20t = 1.60:1
44:26t = 1.69:1
32:18t = 1.78:1
22:12t = 1.83:1
44:23t = 1.91:1
32:16t = 2.00:1
44:20t = 2.20:1
32:14t = 2.29:1
44:18t = 2.44:1
32:12t = 2.67:1
44:16t = 2.75:1
44:14t = 3.14:1
44:12t = 3.67:1


At the moment I am running 1x9 which gives me:
32:34t = 0.94:1
32:30t = 1.07:1
32:26t = 1.23:1
32:23t = 1.39:1
32:20t = 1.60:1
32:18t = 1.78:1
32:16t = 2.00:1
32:14t = 2.29:1
32:12t = 2.67:1

But I'm worried I'm going to miss the 22:34t = 0.65:1 on Dirt Works!!!

Damien's picture

I am happy with my three gear choices (1) 32 x 19 for everyday riding and racing up to 8hrs (2) 32 x 21 for 12 and 24hr races (3) 42 x 17 on my road bike.

While you are selecting a ratio watch out for me as I fly by. Smiling

Supagav's picture

I think you guys both forgot one gear that will be in use this weekend.......


I here the first climb is a tough one......

christine's picture

how come no one has asked the Dreaded Question yet???

What is the weather forecast - wooo hooo Ben... beat you to it! Smiling

ar_junkie's picture
I here the first climb is a tough one

If you have a clean run i.e. get to the base in the front bunch.

Not sure about a SS though... bunch of nutters!

Damien's picture

Just about everyone will be using that gear at some stage or another.

I will have a crack at the first hill but the walkers tend to get in the way.

Nic's picture

... ie 83km, then with your 32:21 gearing, you just need to turn the cranks 23,572 times to finish!!!


Damien's picture

Remember I will get to the top of the hills with a fraction of the pedal strokes the granny gear brigade will be doing and then rolling down the other side with the big 29er wheels I think you may be way out there with that calc.

In fact my bike rolls so well I think I will probably only have to to pedal 50% of the way so only 3hrs or so of pedaling. Smiling

Paul's picture

Nic - I think I will start the rain dance now and then you will be wishing you had an SS. 100k's of grinding and chain suck now that's something to look forward to.

The Hill - my plan is simple, if I get to the big hill first (to ensure I have a clear run) then I'll ride it, but if anyone is in front of me then I'll conserve energy and walk it. Anyone with gears (9 or 27) should be able to ride it, unless they are soft.

dangersean's picture

Are you issuing a challenge on the first hill? how about this then, those that want to have a crack at riding all group together at the start, we'll ride to the hill peleton style then attack it together. then we can see who makes it up the furthest before cracking.

bugger that, i think I will be saving my energy for the other 90km's of the race!

leximack's picture

have you guys seen the hill.
Its fricken huge.
Sure i could ride to the top, but doubt i could finish the other 90kms if i did.
I will be soft and walk it Smiling


philberesford's picture

So about this hill...

Is it long and technical? or just long firetrail?


christine's picture

memory its long and steep - it's horrible and they are all full of shit that they are going to ride it ... except perhaps junkie and steve 1/2/3 who i think rode it last year but those two are well known FREAKS anyway! Smiling

Paul's picture

I only said I would ride it if I got the hill first. You never know I might beat Jason English if I'm lucky and if I start in the first group.

philberesford's picture

I can do long and steep. It's long, steep and scrappy that puts me off. Oh well happy to ride up, how hard can it be?
And what about the 2nd hill. No one is saying much about that, I'm guessing it's pretty unremarkable?

LadyToast's picture

Congratulations to Jason English for coming in 03:57:53

5 riders faster than last years record, either the track is faster or mountain bike XC is getting faster.

Results here:

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