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Manly Dam update for 25 Nov

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By daveh - Posted on 25 November 2011

Manly Dam

Hello Mountain Bikers,

Unfortunately it’s been a wet week and the forecast is for the rain to continue. Therefore we will be closing the track. It will remain closed for the weekend. We will re-evaluate conditions early next week and advise accordingly.

Kind regards,
Manly Dam Rangers

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how's the trail looking after 2.5 days of sunshine ?

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With this being an official closure I believe we'll need to wait for the rangers to notify that it's OK.

Try the Bantry Bay trail from Currie Road. The ride down to Bantry Bay is a blast... nice and fast. The climbs back out are good for fitness. I did two laps yesterday and ended up going for a swim (well a wade). Apart form a couple of deeper tire ruts on the fire trail it has drained very well and the bike only needed a light clean to get rid of the mud.

Also you get to take a look at where NPWS are proposing to build one of the new sections of single trail. It'll run parallel east of the fire trail. If it comes off it's going to be a great ride!

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Had a look this morning, trail is still closed. Heaps of water in the usual swampy or poorly drained places but actually quite dry everywhere else. The soil and clay does not seem wet or cut up at all.
They could open the trail today and it would be OK. But then they might keep it closed for another day, then it rains again and it stays closed for another week.

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Please see the instructions above.

Thanks Smiling

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thanks guys. I guess I'll stay off it until they re-open it again.

Rode 3 laps of Bantry Bay this morning as a quick fix Smiling

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Did you go all the way to the bottom, down the last VERY steep section.

I finally cracked the climb back out on Sunday. All the weight over the back wheel to hold traction but then keeping peddling stead so as not to lift the front wheel.

It's a shame it's only a 4K out and back... but yeah doing laps makes it worth it.... and can't wait until the is all linked up with Manly Dam. I'm thinking Hot Lap starting at the bottom of Bantry Bay... 2K single track walm up, 20K loop, a dip in Bantry bay to cool of, then a slow climb out to cool down.


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I did for the first lap. Had to dismount in shame at the steepest parts Sad

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