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Wingello State Forest update for 10 Jun

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By Jubas - Posted on 10 June 2012


Rode the red and blue loops yesterday. A little damp, but hardly any standing water. It's drained very nicely. There are lots of branches down though so keep an eye out. Also, lots of mid sized sticks that are just screaming out for a deraillieur!

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Does anyone have an update on this status?

I may head down instead of doing the Awaba club race.

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I can only give my best estimate from Bargo.

It's been raining steadily here all morning and weather reports around Wingello seem to say the same thing. We haven't had the rain that Sydney has this week, but we've had a little. I'd say it might be too wet to ride some of the singletrack sections, and I can't think of anyone who drives out to Wingello just to ride the Blue or Yellow loops.

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