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2008 Highland Fling

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By alchemist - Posted on 14 May 2008

Sunday, 9 November, 2008 - 08:00
10 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Wingello State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Ferndale Oval, Bundanoon (see event website for details).

The VAUDE Highland Fling is a mountain bike marathon to challenge you all. It offers a scenic and challenging route through forests and farmland in the Southern Highlands of NSW. A mix of singletrack, forest tracks, dirt road and less than 2km of blacktop.

Do the Full Fling (approx 110km), the Half Fling (approx 55km), the relay Flinging Threesomes or take an even bigger challenge on the 100 Mile Fling!

The main race is on Sunday 9 November but there's plenty happening on Saturday 8 too, including the Bundanoon Dash, a fundraising 6km 'sprint' race (it's not compulsory!).

In 2008 we will also introduce the Casual Fling, a 16km ride for those feeling not up to the Half or Full Fling.

Entries will open Jun 23rd at

Who's in?
pikey, craigs, Heckler, Bernd, tienster, goatman, alchemist, Whisperer, Buck, Paul, Andrew, GAZZA, kiwiboy, ar_junkie, leximack, Steve 01, Andy Bloot, GeordieAndy, markp, Gary, Michael B, lance, Greg P, Nick R, lozza6, Deano, Sly, Mick, Benny-B, CB, LadyToast, Ricardo, staffe, trailburner, seanc, Eyeball, JB, mooker, furter, Charlie (40 riders)
pikey craigs Heckler Bernd tienster goatman alchemist Whisperer Buck Paul Andrew GAZZA kiwiboy ar_junkie leximack Steve 01 Andy Bloot GeordieAndy markp Gary Michael B lance Greg P Nick R lozza6 Deano Sly Mick Benny-B CB LadyToast Ricardo staffe trailburner seanc Eyeball JB mooker furter Charlie
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
LadyToast My Half Fling 2008 Finished Half/Male/Open
tienster My 110 Km Fling 2008 Finished
ar_junkie Flung out... Finished Full/Male/Open
craigs Fling review Finished 03:04:00 Half/Male/Masters
Charlie Great first Fling! Finished 03:07:52 Half/Male/Open
GeordieAndy My First Event - Half Fling. Finished 03:35:00 Half/Male/Veterans
Simple My Virgin Half Fling 2008 Finished 03:45:00 Half/Male/Veterans
lance First Fling Finished 03:55:21 Half/Male/Open
Steve 01 Fling Time Finished 05:41:52 60 Full/Male/Masters 12
staffe My First 100k event Finished 06:22:25 157 Full/Male/Masters 48
Whisperer Fling report Finished 06:30:00 Full/Male/Masters
Nick R Three flats! Finished 06:40:02 209 Full/Male/Veterans 81
leximack Fling Completed Finished 07:08:45 286 Full/Male/Veterans 107
Buck Highland Fling 2008 Finished 07:26:41 323 Full/Male/Open 30
Paul Full Fling virgins Finished 09:05:00 472 Full/Male/Super Masters 27
Deano My first DNF Did not finish
woftt Past Events: Highland Fling 2008 Did not finish 07:21:37 Full/Male/Masters
GAZZA sorry i missed you guys
Bernd Fling

Were you there and have a story to tell?

Ride Gallery
GeordieAndy's picture

Limited to 55km though!

leximack's picture
Buck's picture

Just signed up now. Should be good Smiling

Gary's picture

Signed up for the hundred this time.

tienster's picture

Another 100 km event to do, excellent.


lozza6's picture

for the 100

Deano's picture

Thought Id be different & enter the 110 Sticking out tongue

If your not out there doing it,
Someone else is

Gonz's picture

for the Full Fling (approx 110km) Eye-wink

Bernd's picture

... the 50!
I have to make up some time!!!!!

Paul's picture

50 for me to - that way I can enjoy some of Bernd's home brew the night before

Andrew's picture

I am in.
Just the Half Fling for me

lozza6's picture

and do the 100 mile Smiling

lance's picture

Full fling here we come. Now to convince my mate to enter too.


leximack's picture

i am in for the full fling.
Just have to decide whether to use the anthem or the cyclocross bike.
Cyclocross category this year, probably be less than 10 entries so top 10 finish (if i make it that is)
decisions, decisions?????


lozza6's picture

surely your bum's gotta hurt after 100kms on a cyclocross! Shocked

goatman's picture

Me and Jedi are in the 110km as well as another mate.

Apparently 350 entries sold in the first 36 hours!!

We missed the 100 in the DW so got in early this time!!

Nick R's picture

Apparently this year you cannot register on the morning of the race (we double checked with Huw at Wild Horizons). See draft schedule:

Therefore everyone needs to register on the Saturday (the pre-race registration desk is open until 11pm) and stay in the Southern Highlands overnight. As a result all the accommodation in Bundanoon is getting booked out very quickly in line with the number of people signing up.

lorrie's picture

We will camp overnight and talk it up beforehand. See last years photos for more details.


pikey's picture

You were supposed to stop me!

Too late now Smiling

Bring it on


Don't worry what other people are thinking,
because most of the time their not. Eye-wink

leximack's picture

all full up people, hopeyou all got your entries in on time

kiwiboy's picture

though I had registered but alack and alas have not....!!
If any tickets come available for full or half looking for 2 please

if at first you don't succeed, try not to look astonished.

kfalloon's picture

I'll be there for the fling, hope it is a good as the CORC 24 hr.

CB's picture

I'm doing the full fling but my regular ride buddies have all pulled out ( with some very valid excuses.... well almost valid).

With luck I might see some of you on the track...most likely near the begining because you are all a good bit faster than me. I did catch up with Rob at the last water station on the Angry Doctor, but only because he had been snoozing behind the table for a couple of hours !

Keep meaning to get along to meet some mobbers at one of the social rides but it never quite works out.

Hopefully see you at the Fling.... or the Gong ride.... or the Fat Tyre festival....


Paul's picture

Craig, we will all be camping together somewhere in the paddock so come and join us.

There are also a couple of us who a virgin Full Flingers and our race plan is slow and steady, with an aim just to finish so we can tick that 100k box. Feel free to ride along for as long or as little as you wish.

pikey's picture

You must train for the 110km. Last year I only trained for 100km. Boy was that last 10km a killer.

If I get any more lonely people looking to camp i'll bring my 6 man tent

Salad is what food eats Smiling

Paul's picture

Pikey, make sure you actually bring a tent this time!

My plan is to only train for 80k's because on a 110k race there must be at least 30k of downhill and I have that down pat so no need to train for that part.

dangersean's picture

If any become 'spare' please contact me at [email protected]

ar_junkie's picture

Who's taking the short and rocky climb or the long(er) and smooth climb near the end i.e. 4.5kms to go?

Bernd's picture

... year I could not do it! this year, I think I will..... hope so anyway!

Paul's picture

As I remember, the choice was between a;

a) Short and rocky walk and
b) Smooth but longer walk.

Buck's picture

Good point Paul

If I am still in the race at that stage I can see myself just walking up the shorter way!

jedijunglesnow's picture

First year I did the long & smooth option. Last year I took the short and rocky way. The shorter way is better, guess what, it isn't that rocky! Or technical.

If you ride regularly on our sandstone based Northen Beaches trails, you won't find it a challenge at all Smiling

goatman's picture

you don't ride it this year Jedi!

jedijunglesnow's picture

There is no way I'll be walking it!

goatman's picture

what would Uncle Chopper say???

goatman's picture


jedijunglesnow's picture

Already told ya, there is no way I'll be walking it!!!!

Bernd's picture

SAT Light Rain. Morning Clouds. Mild. 14 km/h
WNW 1mm
(37%) 86% 12 21
SUN Mostly Sunny. Mild. 7 km/h
SE - 86% 11 20
Looks ok to me!! I'm sleeping in se Van!

goatman's picture

Have a bed of nails each!

jedijunglesnow's picture

I said I had a leg of nails...

pikey's picture

I am planning on leaving Syd around 8-9 am and should be there around 11-12. Bernd is leaving around that time too. If we can get an idea NOW of how many want to camp together we, or the first of us there, can peg out an area like last year so please speak up now.

Food: I buy lunch Sat from Bundanoon (riding distance) and this year I plan to buy dinner as well, from one of the camp stalls, to save the hassle of taking too much gear, Breakfast will be a bacon and egg roll from the local football team canteen on the camp ground. Beer is the only thing I will be bringing as it's easy to pack in my esky and requires very little preparation.

So join the list and we’ll see you there Smiling

0431 703 266

Salad is what food eats Smiling

Bernd's picture

I will be leaving a little bit later than Greg.
Would like to see Greg's 4WD and my Van parked like last year!!!
Food: same as above.
Beer: a litte less than pikey and Paul!!!

ar_junkie's picture

Will be leaving early on Saturday, but will have the family in tow (and folks) so no camping needed thanks.
I'll be slumming it in an actual bed... Eye-wink

Buck's picture

Save a spot for Tien and myself please Pikey. We will be leaving Sydney a little before lunch time hopefully.

Steve 01's picture

too Pikey.Leaving around midday Bringing two muesli bars & a can of rice cream

ar_junkie's picture

You're pigging out this year! You don't think all that food is going to slow you down?

Bernd's picture

.. thinking of 4 muesli bars! may have to think again!!!

goatman's picture

are leaving Sydiney about 4am and are riding our DH bikes to Bundanoon as a warm up.

Gonna shoot a couple of Roos on the way down and cook em over a fire when we get there.

Might see some of you down there, Jedi is the one with the busted leg by the way!

Caro's picture

how has the training for the 110 been going? Smiling
Can't wait to see the pictures!! And no blaming me afterwards this time!! Eye-wink
Enjoy (or at least pretend..)!

GeordieAndy's picture

I'll be leaving Sydney mid-afternoon as my folks fly in early morning. I have a tent though may sleep in the Jeep!

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