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Saturday/Sunday 4/5 Nov pre fling fling for the flingers doing the fling

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Ok you know who you are....and those who just want to ride!

My touch football knee injury doesnt prevent me riding thank goodness so after an easy week its back to it for a final pre fling fling.

I dont mind where we ride but would like to get in some good distance with minimum stopages and keep a reasonable pace, so might not be suitable for all riders this time.
I am happy to link up a few rides too....

Saturday early start 7:00am (or earlier if I can find someone crazy enough)then 8:30 for the late starters second stage.

Option 1....

7:00 Terrey Hills long trail to the lookout

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Little Moab Loop has improved

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Hi All

For those of you that ride the Oxford Falls area, you might be interested to know that the loop that extends to the right hand side of Little Moab is now a lot less overgrown.

The 'trail fairies' have been hard at work with their pruners and have made the faster sections a joy to ride. This is surely one of the best non technical tracks in the area!

There is stil a bit more clearing to be done and the more people that ride it the better. If you're not sure where it is, check the Oxford falls section on this site.

There is also a new jump at the end of the XC loop called the "Latte Gap", after it's builder, who is a Cannondale rider.

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Manly Dam 4th november 4pm

hey everyone, just letting you know that I am planning to ride the dam at about 4pm on saturday the 4th november, so if anyone wants to tag along, just dropp me a message, either to my account or to 0403106390.
cya there.

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Suitable Brake Upgrade ?


Im looking to upgrade the stock brakes on my 2005 giant ac, there hayes solo with 6 rotors.

Im not to sure what to get, i havent been riding mountain bikes for long at all but so far i mainly ride tracks, single track with some downhill sort of stuff. I dont want the brakes to bite to much, especially on the front. Ive been looking at juicy 5's & 7's & some hayes like 06 hfx 9 HD.

Can anyone give me any ideas or head me in the right direction. Would be greatly appreciated.


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Come and meet the in-laws

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OK, so the trouble-n-strife gets home from her "work" jaunt around the land of the wrong white cloud Tuesday morning so that means I can finally get out for another ride.

Now I know its not the full moon yet but guess what, it is Halloween so what better thing to do than get out for a night ride and meet my in-laws, and any other ghoulies that may be out-n-about.

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Tomrorow morning - early at the Dam

I can't make the cascades ride tomorrow morning as I have a lot on during the day so I am thinking of doing the Manly Dam ride at (shock horror!!) 6:15am. Anyone interested? Meet at the start, 6:15am Smiling Yes, it's bright and early. Smiling

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Hello, yet again I am working Saturday so miss out on the Cascades ride – is anyone interested in a Sunday ride at all? Maybe with a hill or two?
Any time is fine by me...

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Trouble finding Salvation / towler's bay tracks


Im having trouble finding the salvation & towler's bay
tracks. I cant seem to find West Head Rd through
whereis etc. Any help anyone could give me would be
greatly appreciated.


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Cascades Sat Morning - 28th

Hiya All,

I haven't riden the Cascades yet and was wondering if anyone else would join me. I'm aiming for a 8am or earlier start.

Drop a line and let me know if you're interested.
Now I know Stuart M isn't Smiling


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Tyre Pressures

Hi All

Just a question about tyre pressures. Can you guys give me a ballpark figure as to what they should be around? I'm a fairly small bloke weighing in at around 68kg usually.

My Giant Alias rides on Hutchinson 26x2" Scorpion tyres.

At the moment I usually have them somewhere between 40-50 psi. I haven't really experimented too much and I'm quite new to all this so it's all a bit of guesswork at the moment!


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Wolves in the Mountains, Were!

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After another great morning on the Oaks last Sunday, I will definitely be venturing into the mountains on the next full moon to enjoy this sweet track under the night sky.

When Sunday 4th 5th November, obviously at night, but time to be confirmed depending on train timetables and track work. (At the moment I can't do Friday or Saturday nights but if this changes would be happy to switch to either of these nights.) Probably aim to get to Woodford around 7 - 7.30

Where The Oaks Trail of course. Standard run, sorry Rob;-) Meet at Glenbrook station carpark, train to Woodford and then bliss back to the cars. Depending on who comes, and how everyones lights are holding up, we can bail back onto the road at the top of the last technical single track or maybe just go for it.

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Recommend pedals please?

Hi all,
I'm about to look into getting some new (click in) pedals and cleats etc. I currently own a giant yukon and want to get some step in/click in pedals and cleats/shoes. I'd like to have the ability to not always need the cleats/special shoes too, (i.e to ride down to the shops etc). Being a newbie I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good brand of pedal that will allow me to use cleated (and normal) shoes. Thanks in advance Smiling I don't want to spend the earth either at this stage but will spend if I need to get good stuff.

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XC Tyre Help

Hiya All,

Just wondering what tyres people are using. I have a Giant XTC 2 hardtail. I'm after some help with what tyres people would recommend. I ride both fire trail and single track. Oaks as an example of fire trail. I find the tyres I have are not so grippy on braking and hill climbs, with loose stone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Saturday 21st

Hi folks,

was planning on heading out Sat morning, somewhere other than Terrey Hills or the Dam. I was thinking Ourimbah, Red Hill or Oxford Falls, however I haven't done any of these before. If anyone is keen to come along/got any other plans, please drop me a line.

Thanks, Liam

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Urban Polaris - 3/12/2006 - here it comes!

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Bikes come to the streets, tracks, forests and parks of Canberra in Australia's biggest one day MTB navigation event. Its fun, it's different and it's a great way to plan a route around the nation's capital on two wheels.

Check it out at the Wild Horizons Urban Polaris home page

Interested? Post here. Looking for a partner? Post here. Well worth doing and a great intro to this type of event, loads of fun.

I can't see there is a team of teams entry category this year - but if there is make sure you put in NoBMob!

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Hi, I am fairly new to MTB’ing; I’ve done the manly dam circuit twice and completed the red hill ride(so not a total novice but I certainly have a lot to learn).

I am very interested in a novice ride and was wondering if there is any coming up?

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Tue 17th Oct - Terrey Hills Night Ride

Hey all,

By popular request (from Saturday, from the Fling trainees, from... well, that's it!) a Tuesday night ride has materialised:

When: 7:30pm 7:00pm. Updated
Where: Shops on Booralie Road (or the entrance atop the first climb if it rains loads).
What: Perimeter + Long (+ Duffys if I can talk you into it?) + detour to the Tavern if someone leads the way!

This is night - bring lights suitable for off road riding!

I won't be there if it's raining!


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Video footage on the site

I don't know about everyone else, but I think that it would be a good idea to be able to submit movies on the site instead of just images. I am aware that movies will be harder to load and download but I think that it will give a great new perspective. We should be tecnically advanced with our site so we can show everyone what we can do. We can also get some really great stacks on video. This is just a thought. What does everyone reckon?


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Brindabella Challenge MTB Endurance Race

Hi guys

Just looking to see if anyone is keen to head to Canberra for a weekend possibly in early December....and have some fun..last year was 60km point to point...
I am thinking of doing it again this year ( so I did it by myself last year) would be great to have some company at the pub afterwards... ; )

for more 'fo try

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Sun 22nd Duck Holes, Waratah, Centre Trails, Home

Anyone interested in a circut combining Duck Holes, Waratah (out and back) and Centre Trails on Sunday 22nd morning? I'm thinking meet at Terrey Hills shops at 8:30am. I hope that it will not be more than 2.5 hours (depending on mechanicals).

Hope to be able to wear favourite knicks.....


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Get Fit Quick Scheme - Tues 17th and Thurs 19th 6:45am

Now I know I'm not the only one who has suddenly realised that the Fling is just weeks away.
That shock was bad enough but to find that I'd been so slack that I cannot fit into my favourite knicks... well it's clear that some biking action is absolutely necessary!

So, Tuesday 17th and Thurs 19th 6:45am meet at Terrey Hills shops to do Perimeter trail and back. Must turn around a 7:50 to get back to cars by 8:15am. Please come too as I need all the motivation I can get!


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Bicycle Safety Lights - Ebay

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I was looking at getting some front and rear safety LEDs lights for my bike in case I want to ride on the road after dark. Prices in bike stores seem quite high....over $30 for just a red tail lamp.

I see lots of stuff on Ebay for less than $10 AUD for front and rear lights! For example in the below link.....I've seen Jaycar selling the exact same front light for $30 AUD. Has anyone got these lights? Or is it really worth forking out for the fancier stuff in bike shops?

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Highland Fling NoBMoB Group Attendance

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Hi All,

With only 4 weeks to go I for one have been quite slack.

I’m yet to enter or book accommodation.

Can all those either booked or about to let each other know what their doing, both distance and accommodation?
We are a group after all Smiling

Last year we stayed at the Bundanoon Hotel but it was a bit noisy at our end of the pub, but the hot shower after was nice.
Christine suggested tents, which I'm ok with as it was across the road from the event.

Let's get a group list going.

I’m not back riding until the first week of Nov. Good training I know. (Bloody Social Calendar)

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Get on your bike... to Vietnam

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Hi all,

Received this today - might be of interest to some members - in support of a NSW charity.

Northcott Disability Services, an organisation that supports children and adults with disabilities across NSW has officially announced its Vietnam Cycling Challenge for 2007.

The Vietnam Cycle Challenge is the adventure of a lifetime starting in Ho Chi Minh City and finishing in Hanoi. In just two weeks participants will experience remote rural villages, stunning coastlines and the ancient tombs of the Nguyen dynasty all by mountain bike.

The challenge allows participants to experience Vietnam over two weeks for around $70 a day says Northcott Fundraising Manager Judy Lewis.

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The Oaks October 22nd and November 5th, Day and Night options

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Friday nights ride revealed that several of the "newer" more regular riders have not yet done the Oaks in the Blue Mountains. Discussion also turned to how great it would be as a night ride.

So here's my proposal.

Best Mountain Bike