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Track Listing

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Name Type Difficulty Vertical Climb/Drop Distance Map
19th Hole Single Track - Enclosed Black Diamond 0m
292m 19th Hole
By the Pipeline Firetrail Blue 25m
1144m By the Pipeline
Cootamundra Drive Single Track - Exposed Blue 1m
156m Cootamundra Drive
Creek Firetrail Firetrail Blue 79m
2775m Creek Firetrail
Golf Course Sniggle Single Track - Enclosed Blue 70m
2848m Golf Course Sniggle
Past the School Firetrail Blue 26m
847m Past the School
Start/Finish Road Other White 34m
592m Start/Finish Road
Through the playground Single Track - Exposed Blue 2m
184m Through the playground
To Bangaroo Other White 18m
370m To Bangaroo
To the Lan Single Track - Exposed Blue 11m
1562m To the Lan

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