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Terrey Hills update for 04 Sep

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By Rob - Posted on 04 September 2013

Amber/Some Issues

NPWS report:

Perimeter Trail maintenance works - Perimeter trail (Closure ends Friday 18 October)

Maintenance works will be undertaken to the concrete overflow and causeway. During works there will be no access to the perimeter trail and people should take care with trucks and machines accessing the site. Works are anticipated to take approximately six weeks pending fine weather.


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By the sound of things entering via the Japanese school is still OK or is that the causeway in question?

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They probably mean the big dip by the golf course fence. Was it my imagination or did I see a big pile of rocks near there the other week?

They could also mean the causeway a bit further along where the walking trail is off to the left (when you're riding out).

I'd imagine you could start from the other end of perimeter (only 1km or so from the long trail turn) if you really want to.

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The signs says from the intersection of smiths creek to long trail is closed

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Looks like entry to the Long Trail by the Japanese School is not feasible:
"Whilst works are undertaken there will be NO through access for vehicles, pedestrian, horse riders and cyclists between the intersections of the Long Trail and Smiths Creek Trail. Access to the Long Trail is via Mallawara Road entrance. Access to the remaining section of the Perimeter Trail is between Nerang Street and Echunga Road entrances."

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Closed from near Japanese School to Long Trail - they are repairing the track over the steep creek nearest the Japanese School. Problem is they only have a sign near the closure - they need to add a sign by the Trail Head at Nerang Ave in Terrey Hills.

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So it seems you can still enter by Nerang Ave from the RFS car park, exit at the Japanese School and out via Echunga Rd, work your way around to Mallawera Rd and then continue almost as normal?

That doesn't seem too bad then. Smiling

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Yep, echunga exit is ok, there's closed track signs to stop you going further but that didn't seem to stop a few riders I came across last weekend who seemed to know better Eye-wink

A bit of riding on the black stuff to mallawera rd and cullamine trail onto perimeter/long and back again it's actually a kilometre or so longer than the normal route according to my GPS. Cowan trail was in great nick as well and definately worth a look - love the feeling of getting up the rocky pinch climb on that one.

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