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Wylde MTB Trail update for 12 Sep

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 12 September 2014

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Wylde MTB Trail

All dry now although a couple of corners have set with ruts from the riders in the mud from last Wednesday. A directional sign is also needed at the very start. Watched quite a few turn left instead of right and rode the wrong way down the kids loop.

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Went there for the first time and did a couple of laps on Saturday morning
The mud sticks to your tyres like nothing else after a slight drizzle(is it clay?)
The great thing is they have a bike cleaning facility near the carpark, to clean the mud away.

Lots of speed bumps or jumps depending on your skill level(they were speed bumps for me) with some nice climbs and descent. No scary technical rock gardens, lots of nice berms at the right spots.

Good to see another mountain bike facility in the Sydney area !
By the time I left, there were at least 10 cars in the carpark.

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Claimed it's first victim over the weekend too....

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victim ??
serious injury ?

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Broken collar bone, not sure of the exact details's picture

Great trail but had a bad day...face planted at the end of the rollers thing (the only technical feature on the whole trail) slightly dazed, then realise I couldnt find my car key. Rode around injured looking for the key and then phoned my wife to bring the spare out. 3 hours later left the park.

No breaks though. $600 for the car key.

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Yep that drop-off at the end requires some you to carry some speed and lift your front wheel slightly - its just a little too high (at least for my skill level) to be able to simply roll off it. I hear it's claimed quite a few victims Smiling

Sorry to hear about the lost keys - a call out to the wife must have used up a few weeks worth of brownie points! At least the body/bike is ok.'s picture

Lucky I was injured - the sympathy meant no loss of brownie points and not too many grumbles.

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i was there on sat morning with a mate an dhe went over the bars at that same spot.
Didnt know it at the time but a few days later found out that he has a Compression Fracture to the L1 Vertebrae.
Just to rub it in a bit i showed him how the rolly polly drop off thing is done (twice) Eye-wink
Bit of speed off the last roller, front wheel a bit up and lean back and all sweet Smiling


p.s he's out of action for a month Sad

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I looked at that thing (while riding around it), my 1st thought was, doesn't look like mountain biking to me, 2nd thought, it's too far from the entrance gate and good ambulance access.

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