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Glenrock State Conservation Area update for 31 Mar

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By Empy - Posted on 31 March 2021

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The NPWS have closed the singletrack MTB trails for now.
Management trails remain open for riding.
See NPWS website -

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Been out inspecting the trails myself and talking to the ranger this afternoon.
Most areas are still wet and there is quite a bit of damage caused by people riding. Thankfully, it’s good to see that not a lot of people have been riding, it’s just that every bike that’s been through has caused a rut of some kind – increasing the puddling problem.
Looks like we should have had the closures last week instead and could have avoided a lot of this.
Some trails, like Snakes & Ladders are drying really well, given it didn’t have too many issues before has fared pretty well.
Looks like NPWS could probably allow some singletrack open on Friday if we don’t get too much rain in the meantime.
So I’ve been looking at areas and sections of trail that connect to the management trails to create a loop without using the more heavily impacted areas.
Trails that are definitely out are Twisties, Reload, Shaft plus most of the trails on clay base. BJ’s It Happens High Roller and Seuss all have issues and lead into each other so that area is probably out, same with Kenny’s and Baileys Paddock.
If we incorporate the management trails this still leaves quite a bit of riding and a couple of pretty reasonable loops.
We’ve put a draft together and I should hear something more definite soon – I’ll post things up as soon as I hear.

NPWS is offering a bit of ‘give’ in this situation and I think that should be seen as a pretty good thing for the long weekend – many places are just flat-out closed so I hope people respect this.
For now all singletrack is still closed, we need to stay off and let things dry a bit more.
If you are having a look, draining any puddles can’t hurt.

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