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Track Listing

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Name Type Difficulty Vertical Climb/Drop Distance Map
Anembo Entry Single Track - Enclosed 0m
159m Anembo Entry
Anembo Reserve Loop Firetrail 15m
933m Anembo Reserve Loop
Anembo Reserve to Bibbenluke Double Track 0m
958m Anembo Reserve to Bibbenluke
Bibenluke Track Firetrail 0m
1761m Bibenluke Track
BMX Link Single Track - Enclosed Blue 10m
533m BMX Link
Booralie Trail Firetrail 0m
1092m Booralie Trail
Cowan Track Double Track Blue 28m
2055m Cowan Track
Cullamine Track Firetrail 0m
1000m Cullamine Track
Duffys Track Double Track 0m
748m Duffys Track
Golf Course Sniggle Single Track - Enclosed 0m
464m Golf Course Sniggle
Larool Trail Firetrail 0m
713m Larool Trail
Long Track Firetrail Blue 83m
4169m Long Track
Neverfail Gully Firetrail 0m
1751m Neverfail Gully
Perimeter Trail Firetrail Green 145m
6928m Perimeter Trail
Sandy Trail Firetrail Blue 144m
3001m Sandy Trail
Smiths Creek Track Firetrail Blue 186m
2520m Smiths Creek Track
Weemala Firetrail Firetrail Green 0m
263m Weemala Firetrail
Weemala Sniggle Single Track - Enclosed Blue 19m
432m Weemala Sniggle
Wilkins Track Firetrail 0m
585m Wilkins Track

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