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Anything that's not a loop or out & back. Ie, places where there are many different trails.

Nepean + Oaks + St Helena

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St Helena
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The Oaks

Up the Oaks taking in Pisgah Ridge, not quiet to the top then return via St Helenas hike-a-bike section.

Horrible hike a bike at the end, but...

St Helena Ben

Think on the attached GPS trail we were meeting guys coming from the top and turned round when we found them.

Cascades from St Ives

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From St Ives with 3 big, 1 small climbs.

There are many ways to ride at Cascades which feels a lot like a maze to begin. Here's one of those options which takes in a little bit of everything:

Starting at St Ives Oval, head down the trail (Cascades Track) and bear left at the second junction. This is Lower Cambourne...

Cascades/Lower Cambourne

... which will take you across a creek...

Creek Crossing

... and to the junction with Heath Track & Bare Creek Track (following the route on this page, you will be riding towards the camera):


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